Why Are Cherries So Expensive? (Top 3 Reasons Explained)

Cherries are one of the fruits we always enjoy. While we don’t eat cherries all the time, we usually enjoy their flavor as part of snacks and desserts. Hence, we have that cherry on top of everything that makes it better. One thing to note is that we don’t always see cherries, and when we do, they come at a high price. So, you may ask:

Why are cherries so expensive? Cherries are so expensive because they have a short season, meaning there’s only a limited supply, and they are not available all the time. Also, cherries are difficult to grow, and most cherry farms have problems and costs that add up to the price, including transportation.

In general, cherries are lovely fruits that we’ll always enjoy when available. Also, since we don’t eat a lot of it in one sitting, you’re less likely to spend a lot of money on it, even though it’s pricey. Still, it’s essential to know the value of cherries to make sure we’re getting our money’s worth.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top five reasons why cherries are so expensive. This way, you can learn more about its value and see if it’s worth the price, especially when you can always look for other cheaper alternatives.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Are cherries expensive?

Yes, cherries are expensive, and it’s because of several reasons. Now, cherries are not something you would enjoy in large amounts. You’ll only need a small amount of this fruit in most cases, either as part of a dish or as a topping. Thus, it would be best not to worry about the price since you only need a small amount of it.

Why are cherries so expensive?

Below are the top five reasons why cherries are so expensive. In addition, you can look below to understand the reason behind the high price of cherries.

Cherries have a short season.

Cherry season is quick, which is why they are so expensive. Generally, fruits and vegetables have an extended season during which they are introduced and eventually fade away.

It is usual for the earliest fruits to be expensive, but during the prime season, the prices usually drop. Cherries are an exception to this rule.

Cherry blossoms only last a short time. Therefore, only a few more weeks of the cherry season remain when these cherry trees can produce their harvest and the fruit reaches the stores.

The cherry season does not have an introduction or a conclusion. It simply arrives and leaves quite quickly. 

The price of cherries will remain essentially the same during the entire period when cherries are available in a store. It is rare to see cherries on sale or offered at a low price.

Cherries are sensitive to climates.

There are only a few climates where cherry trees can grow, which are difficult to manage. Therefore, it will be difficult for anyone to grow cherries in their yards, even if they genuinely love them.

Only a few areas in the United States can grow cherries, which makes the demand for them even higher. In addition, those who live in cold climates where cherry trees cannot survive will probably pay even more for fresh cherries.

The principle of supply and demand is similar to what you see when it comes to fruits. In certain parts of the country, fruit can be scarce.

Due to the climate in their region, all fruit must be imported, which is quite expensive. Besides getting cherries to different parts of the world, there is also the problem of not having enough cherry farmers.

Due to cherries’ temperamental climate and weather conditions, there are only so many cherry farms that you can establish in the very few places where they can grow.

Some farmers will work to create the perfect weather to grow cherries artificially in other country regions.

There are transportation costs.

Cherry consumption worldwide is still a significant issue. As a result, Cherry shipments from the select climate to areas where cherries are in demand will cost quite a money.

We all pay a lot of money for transportation. You’ll have to pay for the cherries’ transportation to the grocery store.

You might be able to lower your prices if your stores are close to cherry farms. Further, the costs of shipping cherries to your stores are likely absorbed in the cherries you purchase.

One of those things will be very difficult to avoid. If you don’t live near a cherry farm, logistics costs will always be involved in obtaining cherries.

The reason why prices don’t drop midseason is due to this. When the weather gets cold, fruits and vegetables are shipped from afar.

Food is readily available in the general area during warmer months. Therefore, consumers can save some money by purchasing food during this period. It’s just not the case with cherries, so you see almost the same price all year round.

How much do cherries cost?

The cost of cherries varies significantly in the type you’re getting. Since many brands make cherries, you’ll usually find cheap options, and you’ll mostly find expensive ones.

In general, you can find cherries from $1 to $3 per pound, and that’s already a reasonable price. But, on the other hand, you can also find expensive ones which cost around $7 per pound and even higher.

For instance, the Luxardo cherries can cost you as high as 40 cents per piece of cherry, while a regular cherry should only cost around six cents.

Are cherries worth the money?

Yes, cherries are worth the money, although they are one of the most expensive fruits we can get. Besides their flavor and sweet taste, these cherries also offer several health benefits. 

Thus, many people want to get these cherries, but since they are short-lived, you’ll seldom find them available, and you’ll have to pay a high price whenever they do.

Cherries are so popular because of their flavor and taste. Cherries are generally sweet, and they come in several colors that look so enticing. 

Moreover, these fruits make a perfect pair for most drinks and even desserts like ice cream and cakes. 

Still, we think that what makes the cherries popular the most is that they are the best toppings you can get. These tiny red fruits finish the look of every drink, cake, and dessert you could ever enjoy.

Why can’t you buy cherries year-round?

You can’t buy cherries year-round because they are perishable, which is the problem with all cherries. 

Another effect of this problem is that you’ll find them available only occasionally, with no specific time. Thus, most cherries are preserved and aren’t always available for sale.

Why are Luxardo cherries so expensive?

Luxardo cherries are so expensive that a jar that contains 50 cherries costs around $20. Since typical cherries costs only about six cents each, the Luxardo cherries are five times more expensive. 

The Luxardo cherries are well sought out despite the price because they make lovely components for several cocktails.

Generally, these cherries are known for the meaty texture of the cherries while soaked in a rich syrup. Thus, they make a subtle yet fantastic sweetener. So if you’re into cocktails, you know you’ll have a treat when your drink has a Luxardo cherry.

Why are Rainier cherries so expensive?

Rainier cherries are so expensive because there’s a high demand but low supply. Therefore, many consumers want to get these cherries. However, they only become available for a short while. As a result, many are willing to pay more for them. It’s also the reason why these cherries are so expensive.


In a nutshell, cherry season is short, so there is only a limited supply, and they are not always available, which is why they are so expensive. In addition, cherries are difficult to grow, and most cherry farms incur costs such as transportation and other difficulties.

Generally speaking, cherries are lovely fruits that we will always enjoy when they are in season. It’s pricey, but because we don’t eat a lot of it in one sitting, you’re less likely to spend a lot of money on it. However, it’s necessary to know the value of cherries to make sure we’re getting our money’s worth.

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