Why Are Quest Chips So Expensive? (Top 3 Reasons Explained)

Nowadays, consumers have become more and more conscious about their food. So naturally, we always look for something healthy, but it usually ends with boring stuff to munch on. So now, if there’s an enjoyable yet healthy snack, there’s no denying that we are willing to pay for such. For instance, Quest Chips are pretty expensive, which may make you wonder:

Why are Quest Chips so expensive? Quest Chips are so expensive because of the ingredients it contains. In general, it’s a bag of chips packed with high amounts of protein with little net carbs, making it ideal for those who are conscious of what they eat. However, since such chips are rare, they can be pretty expensive.

If you’re also health-conscious, you’ll know that chips aren’t a healthy option due to their carbs and excessive sodium. However, Quest Chips is that same snack packed with protein essential for our body. Thus, it’s a good snack worth the extra price. Unfortunately, however, it was too expensive.

In this article, you’ll read through what you need to know about Quest Chips and why they are so expensive. This way, you can learn if it’s worth the extra price and if you should buy such.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Are Quest chips expensive?

Yes, Quest Chips are expensive, and it’s because of the ingredients it contains. While most chips contain too many carbs with less protein, Quest Chips contain more protein than carbs, making them ideal for health-conscious people.

These healthy and enjoyable chips don’t come at an affordable price. In general, they are almost several times pricier than usual chips, and it’s due to several reasons.

Why are Quest chips so expensive?

If you’re wondering why Quest Chips are so expensive, here are the common reasons why:

These chips are high in protein.

The main reason why these chips are expensive is that they are made with high amounts of nutrients rather than cheap, unhealthy components. For instance, these chips are packed with high amounts of milk protein and whey protein isolate, and these ingredients don’t come cheap.

While most chips are made of grains like corn or potatoes, they are primarily protein. As such, they are filled with protein rather than carbs. It’s also for this reason that they don’t come cheap.

The ingredients and manufacturing are costly.

As mentioned earlier, the ingredients of Quest Chips are not the same as the regular chips we enjoy. These chips are made mostly of protein rather than chips made from corn or potatoes. 

In particular, it comes through milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate. For this reason, these chips are manufactured at higher costs.

Another thing is that the manufacturing process of these chips is not the same as regular chips. Thus, the overall expenses to make this product is much higher, and they compensate for a higher price.

There are not that many options around.

The last reason Quest chips are expensive is that there’s not much competition. While you can find several protein chips around, few make it, and they usually have limited availability. 

For this reason, it’s no wonder why many people go for these chips, and they are willing to pay an extra cost for such.

If there’s one thing to note, chips and healthy are two words that don’t usually go together. Thus, whenever there are manufacturers who succeed in bringing these two together, they are usually at the expense of a pricier tag or an unenjoyable taste.

How much do Quest chips cost?

If you want to buy Quest chips, you can find such on Amazon for around $20-$30. It’s pretty expensive, but it already contains eight bags of chips with 32 grams each.

Each bag of 32 grams provides 19 grams of protein with only 4 grams total of net carbs. Thus, it’s a great snack to enjoy, and it’s a steal for many people who want to enjoy some protein sources without sacrificing flavor and taste.

What are Quest chips made from?

Quest chips are made from high-quality and healthy nutrients, particularly protein. The main ingredient of Quest chips is the combination of milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate. 

Thus, a serving of 32 grams contains around 19 grams of pure protein. Also, there are only as little as four grams of total net carbs in these chips per serving. That’s nothing compared to the carbs you can get from regular chips.

Are Quest chips worth the money?

Yes, Quest chips are worth the money, but only for some people. However, if you’re looking for a protein source and are willing to pay a higher price, these chips are excellent options.

However, if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives that can give you protein without minding the taste and flavor, you can always look for cheaper and more natural options. However, it’s still the best option if you don’t want to eat more carbs and get the high amounts of protein you can enjoy.


In a nutshell, the ingredients in Quest Chips make them so expensive. It’s a bag of chips packed with a lot of protein with little net carbs, making it ideal for those watching their weight. Unfortunately, these chips can also be quite expensive since they are rare.

Those who are health-conscious know that chips are not a healthy option since they are high in carbs and sodium. However, Quest Chips are the same snack but packed with protein essential for good health. Thus, it makes this snack a worthwhile investment.

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