Chicken Tastes Soapy: Is It Bad? (Explained)

Most people enjoy eating chicken dishes all the time. It’s one of the popular proteins we can access and cook quickly since we can find it almost everywhere. Since we’re eating chicken, we’re used to how they taste. Thus, it can be worrisome to notice that the chicken we eat has a slightly off-taste. For instance, you may ask:

If a chicken tastes soapy, is it bad? A chicken that tastes soapy has two possible causes. In most cases, it’s due to the chicken since it’s likely washed to preserve longer. Thus, it gives a clean, chemical, and chlorine taste that makes it soapy. On the other hand, the soapy taste can come from a gum or tooth problem.

While there are two probable causes of the soapy taste in chicken, you should determine what it is to make sure the chicken is safe for consumption. Any sign that your chicken is the cause means you should discard it since it’s unfit for consumption.

This article will walk you through all the things you need to know about chicken with a soapy taste and what to do with it. This way, you can learn what it means and what you can do to make sure you enjoy the chicken while avoiding potential health problems.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Can chicken taste soapy?

Yes, a chicken can taste soapy. However, it’s not a good thing. The usual reason a chicken would have a soapy taste is that it’s been washed for longer shelf life. 

In some cases, sellers would wash the chicken to give it a cleaner and fresher look. They do so, especially when the chicken is getting old and it’s still unbought. Thus, when you cook such, a soapy taste comes with it.

Why does chicken have a soapy taste?

When you buy a chicken with an almost chemical odor and a soapy taste, it’s likely because you washed it for preservation. If so, the chicken is old and should be discarded.

If your chicken smells off and has a soapy taste, you will notice it right away. The soapy taste can come from being soaked in bleach before selling.

The thing about chicken is that most people effectively disinfect chicken with chlorine or bleach using a small and allowable amount. If a seller puts too much, it can smell bad.

If a chicken is not fresh anymore, the process can make them look fresher and cleaner. However, while it’s still safe for consumption, the result can lead to the chicken’s soapy taste. 

This process will also conceal or remove the foul odor of old chicken. However, it’s still not pleasant, and you should avoid such at all costs.

Does spoiled chicken taste soapy?

No, spoiled chicken does not taste soapy. When you eat spoiled chicken, you can expect a bit of sourness. The smell is also a bit sour. However, the taste will not be soapy since this taste can only happen if the seller washed your chicken with chlorine or bleach.

Is soapy chicken bad?

Yes, a soapy chicken is bad, but only if it’s on the taste. So, for example, if you’re boiling chicken and it produces some soapy texture at the top of the water, it’s alright, and you can take it out since it’s the impurities and dirt in the chicken. 

However, if the chicken gives a soapy taste, it’s not good, and you should stop eating such. While the chicken may seem fresh and clean, it’s not ideal for consumption. 

Is it safe to eat chicken that tastes soapy?

No, it’s not safe to eat chicken that tastes soapy. For this reason, it’s not ideal for you to do so, and we also don’t recommend it.

In most cases, a chicken with a soapy taste can mean that it’s cleaned with chlorine or bleach. Thus, while it may smell fresh and clean, it’s not fresh, and it’s not the best chicken to consume.

Also, you’ll put yourself at risk of so many health problems since the chemicals used to clean the chicken can harm your health.

What happens if you eat chicken that tastes soapy?

If you eat chicken that tastes soapy, it can give you some health problems such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and an upset stomach.

In most cases, the bacteria that can cause such problems can disappear with proper and thorough cooking. However, the soapy taste can mean that the problems are still there.

For this reason, you should avoid eating chicken that tastes soapy. This way, you can avoid further problems from happening.

Why is my chicken soapy after cooking?

If your chicken is soapy after cooking, it’s likely because you didn’t remove the impurities that arose while cooking it. 

In most cases, blanching is essential for the chicken to remove dirt and other impurities. It’s essential to get a clearer stock if you’re making one out of your chicken. At the same time, you can also remove any dirt from the meat.

If your chicken has a soapy taste after cooking, it’s not about dirt and impurities anymore. Instead, the seller washed your chicken with bleach or chlorine, and it’s not ideal for consumption.

How do I stop my chicken from tasting soapy?

If you want to stop the chicken from tasting soapy, you can deal with the several possible reasons it gets such a taste. 

First, you need to make sure your chicken is fresh and its diet doesn’t include anything that can give it a soapy taste.

The next thing to do is add some extra sauces or aromatics to cover the soapy taste. Finally, spices of any kind and oven acidic components conceal that soapy taste.

Lastly, you should make sure the chicken cooks thoroughly to eliminate the chemicals added and prevent it from giving a soapy taste. 

Is soapy chicken undercooked?

No, a soapy chicken is not undercooked. When you have a chicken that tastes soapy, it’s because the seller cleaned it with small amounts of chlorine or bleach. Thus, it can give a soapy taste whether the chicken is cooked or undercooked.

Frequently asked questions

Below is one frequently asked question about chicken with a soapy taste. You may also wonder about this one, and we answered it for you. 

Why does chicken stock taste soapy?

If your chicken stock tastes soapy, it’s likely because the seller cleaned the chicken you used to make the stock with small amounts of chlorine and bleach. While it’s safe for consumption, it’s not something your stock should have.

You can cover that by adding spices or acidic components. However, they will change your stock’s taste and flavor entirely. The best thing to do is make sure your chicken is fresh and has no chemicals to make a perfect stock.


In a nutshell, there are two possible causes of chicken that tastes soapy. First, the chicken causes the problem in most cases since it can be washed to preserve it longer. As a result, it gives off a clean, chemical, and chlorine taste that makes it soapy. Another reason it can happen is that a gum or tooth problem can cause such a taste.

While there are two possible causes of the soapy taste in chicken, you should determine which one it is to ensure the meat is safe for consumption. If your chicken causes any symptoms, it should be discarded since it is unfit for consumption.



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