Why Are Hazelnuts So Expensive? (Top 4 Reasons Explained)

If you’re someone who loves Nutella, then you should be a fan of hazelnuts. Hazelnut is a type of nut that is filled not only with flavor but also with nutrients and health benefits. However, one of the things you’ll notice is that hazelnuts can be pretty expensive. So, you may ask:

Why are hazelnuts so expensive? Hazelnuts are so expensive because they are challenging to grow and harvest. Also, there’s a high demand for hazelnuts because of their popularity. The price is also affected by storms, frost, and the resources needed to mass-produce these nuts.

Hazelnuts are not that expensive, especially when compared with other expensive nuts. However, when you’re on a budget, you may want to know about the value of what you’re buying to make sure your money is well-spent. 

In this article, you’ll read the top four reasons hazelnuts are so expensive. This way, you can understand the value of these nuts. Depending on your preference, it will also help you see if the hazelnuts are worth your money or not.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Are hazelnuts expensive?

Yes, hazelnuts are expensive, but not that much. Compared to other nuts, hazelnuts are one of the most expensive ones. However, it’s relatively cheaper if you compare it with other luxury nuts. Below are the reasons why hazelnuts can get so expensive.

Why are hazelnuts so expensive?

Here are four common reasons why hazelnuts are so expensive. Read further below to understand the value of these nuts and the high price cause.

High Demand for Hazelnuts

One of the many reasons why hazelnuts are high in demand is Nutella, the famous chocolate spread that uses hazelnuts.

Due to its growing popularity, Ferrero (the company that runs Nutella) uses almost a quarter of the world’s hazelnut produce to make and supply this choco spread.

Such a high demand can increase the price of hazelnut since they cover a large portion of the hazelnut supply.

Storms and Frost

Storms and frost affect the growth of hazelnuts. Thus, due to storms and frosts that killed most of the hazelnut produce, the price of such increased.

For instance, a few months of comparison would be $10,500 for a ton of hazelnuts, while the former price tag is $6500 for the same ton. In short, there’s always a price increase whenever crops suffer from these natural disasters.

Difficulty in Growing and Harvesting

Harvesting and growing hazelnuts are notoriously challenging. On the coast of Turkey, the majority of the crop is grown on a relatively small, steep strip of land.

Families in the area still harvest most nuts, so production is much lower than in more commercialized areas. In short, the growth and harvesting of these nuts require lots of effort and intensive labor.

As a result, hazelnuts’ value grows higher, especially with the demand growing higher for these nuts.

Research on Mass Production

Due to the high demand and difficulty of supply. 

Ever since Nutella started to become a trend, many consumers would always go for hazelnuts. The same goes for other manufacturers who want to profit from this trend.

As a result, many spent resources to develop a solution, if not an alternative. This step aims to achieve the growth and production of hazelnut.

For instance, many farms launched to supply the demand for these nuts. Such a step toward the supply increase would benefit consumers in the long run. However, these resources will be charged through added costs at the moment. 

How much do hazelnuts cost?

Hazelnuts can cost around $0.7 to $1 per pound. Thus, it’s a cheaper nut than the popular nuts, costing more than $15 per pound. However, with the growing popularity and increasing demand for these nuts, experts say consumers should expect a price increase over the following years.

Are hazelnuts worth the money?

Yes, hazelnuts are worth the money. Aside from vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant compounds, hazelnuts are rich in healthy fats. 

Additionally, they may help decrease fat blood levels, regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve blood sugar levels, among other benefits.

Hazelnuts are so popular because it’s the nut used to make choco spread like Nutella. Also, it is a popular nut that compliments other sweets, making an excellent dessert. 

With various nutrients and health benefits, hazelnut remains a popular nut enjoyed by many. Thus, it comes with a high value, high demand, and high price.

Are hazelnuts more expensive than almonds?

No, hazelnuts are not more expensive than almonds. They are cheaper. However, you can find hazelnut brands that are also expensive. In short, it will depend on the brand you’re buying. 

However, you’ll see that almonds are more expensive than hazelnuts most of the time. Thus, if you’re planning to buy hazelnuts, you should enjoy such for a lower price.


In a nutshell, the high price of hazelnuts is due to their difficulty growing and harvesting. However, the popularity of hazelnuts also makes them in high demand. Additionally, storms and frost can affect the price, as can the resources required to mass-produce these nuts.

When you compare hazelnuts with other expensive nuts, they’re not that expensive. However, when you’re on a budget, you may want to make sure the money you spend is well-spent by knowing the value of what you’re buying. We hope this article gave you an idea about the value of hazelnuts.

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