Orange Chicken vs. Sesame Chicken: What Is the Difference?

Orange chicken and sesame chicken are both asian fast-food classics, and they’re fairly similar in many ways. Thus, many people even think they’re the same food, but that isn’t quite the truth.

So what is the difference between orange chicken and sesame chicken? The biggest difference between orange chicken and sesame chicken is that orange chicken is sweeter. Additionally, orange chicken is a classic of chinese cuisine, while sesame chicken belongs more to the japanese one.

This is just a brief answer, though, and there are more differences between these two favorite meals. What are they? Let’s find out!

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Is orange chicken and sesame chicken the same?

No, orange chicken and sesame chicken are not the same. Orange chicken is a meal from China that found its home in many asian restaurants – orange chicken is, for instance, highly linked to the chain Panda Express.

On the other hand, sesame chicken isn’t a chinese dish – to be fair, its proper place is in japanese and american cuisine.

What is the difference between orange chicken and sesame chicken?

This is not the only difference, though, because these dishes taste unlike as well. For example, sesame chicken is saltier, while orange chicken sweeter. 

The chicken itself also usually carries a stronger flavor in th, which may lead some to prefer it over the sesame chicken.

Another important difference between orange and sesame chicken is that the orange chicken comes from china. In contrast, sesame chicken is a dish most tightly connected to the United States and Japan.

What do orange chicken and sesame chicken have in common?

Although the differences mentioned earlier, orange and sesame chicken are still fairly similar dishes that share some similarities.

Mainly, they both rely on the famous Asian-style crispy chicken, which is probably what makes them both so popular. They also somehow share that famous hot-sweet taste, even though

What does sesame chicken taste like?

The name is no coincidence; sesame chicken indeed has a strong sesame flavor, which is because of the sesame seeds and sesame oil used to make this well-known meal.

Garlic and soy sauce also play a role, though, and the chicken in crispy breading does as well, even though its taste tends to blend with the other ingredients more often than with orange chicken.

What does orange chicken taste like?

As we’ve touched in the last paragraph, orange chicken carries a highly noticeable fried, crispy chicken flavor, but it’s mainly sweet. That’s due to the orange juice that even gives this meal its name.

Is orange chicken better than sesame?

It is hard to say which one tastes better because both are simply awesome, and the choice depends just and only on your tastebuds. So no, orange chicken isn’t better than sesame.

However, if you’re looking mainly for bitter taste, you will probably prefer orange chicken over sesame chicken.


Orange chicken and sesame chicken are both very famous foods found commonly in Asian restaurants throughout the world. And even though they’re kind of similar, they’re not the same.

Orange chicken, a signature piece of many Asian bistros (including Panda Express, which nearly made it its own brand), has a really sweet, fried taste, and it is a classic of Chinese cuisine.

On the other hand, sesame chicken has a milder taste the sesame, and believe it or not; it doesn’t come from China. Instead, it is a classic of Japanese and American cuisine.



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