Why Am I Craving McNuggets? [And What to Do? Explained!]

McNuggets are one of the most addictive fast-food meals you can ever get and try. However, it’s a food loved by many people, and some of them will always order such every time they eat at McDonald’s. For this reason, it’s not surprising to see many people crave it. Still, you may ask:

Why am I craving McNuggets? If you’re craving McNuggets, you probably miss the flavor, and you find it comforting and satisfying to eat such. But, on the other hand, you can also crave such because you are not eating enough or need more nutrients because you don’t get enough from your current diet.

McNugget cravings usually happen because it’s one’s favorite and comfort food. However, some cases also happen because of one’s lack of nutrients. Whatever the reason is, you need to understand your craving to address it adequately.

In this article, you’ll see our in-depth take on McNugget cravings and all the possible reasons why it happens. Further, we included some answers to other questions related to it so you can understand it better and know how to deal with it every time. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Why do I crave McNuggets?

What does it mean when you are craving McNuggets? If you’re craving McNuggets, you probably miss it or find it comforting and satisfying. But, at the same time, you may be lacking some nutrients, or you’re not eating enough food.

Let’s have a better look at each of these reasons.

You’re hungry or not eating enough.

One of the things that may make you crave McNuggets is hunger. If you’re hungry or not eating enough, you can crave for food you like most.

Since McNuggets are one of our favorite staples, your hunger can cause you to crave such. These nuggets contain lots of calories and small amounts of protein that can satisfy your cravings. 

For this reason, you can satisfy your craving by eating other food and filling yourself. Or, you can do best if you give in to your cravings and have some of these nuggets. As long as you eat it in moderation, you won’t have to worry about anything.

You lack nutrients from McNuggets.

Although McNuggets are not the healthiest food around, you can still get tiny amounts of nutrients in them. McNuggets contain small amounts of protein from the chicken. Thus, you can benefit if you lack some protein in your body.

Still, you can find other chicken products as an ideal substitute for McNuggets. This way, you can get more protein while eating something healthier than McNuggets. 

Of course, you can always give in to your cravings and enjoy some McNuggets. However, make sure you keep it in moderation and eat only small amounts occasionally.

You find comfort and satisfaction in McNuggets.

Since McNuggets are one of McDonald’s bestsellers, it’s a favorite food of many people. Thus, you can be one of us who loves to eat such. 

In short, you may find comfort and satisfaction whenever you eat McNuggets, so you crave it whenever you’re sad, depressed, or emotionally down. 

In this sense, the best thing to do is to give in to your cravings and eat some McNuggets. This way, you can lift your mood and help your mind find comfort. As long as you keep your consumption in small servings, you should be alright.

Why am I craving McNuggets all of a sudden?

If you suddenly crave McNuggets, your body probably needs the nutrients it contains. Generally speaking, you will need the proteins found in the meat components of the product.

Even though McNuggets are not the healthiest food around, they still provide you with tiny amounts of nutrients. The chicken used in McNuggets contains a little bit of protein, however. Therefore, you will benefit from taking an extra protein supplement if you are deficient in protein.

In short, you should give in to your cravings because doing so will benefit your body in the long run. Nevertheless, you can enjoy your eating while giving your body the proper nutrients it needs, all at the same time.

Why am I craving McNuggets all the time?

When you crave McNuggets constantly, that means you aren’t getting the nutrients your body needs.

Despite McNuggets not being the healthiest food, they still provide tiny nutrients. The chicken in McNuggets provides a small amount of protein. If you lack protein in your body, you can benefit from this.

You can also crave McNuggets if you don’t eat enough food or if you don’t get enough calories during the day. 

To satisfy the cravings that you have, you can indulge in McNuggets. However, if you look at your present diet, you can also determine if you need to adjust it to fit your cravings.

How to stop craving McNuggets?

If you want to stop craving McNuggets, I suggest you eat more than usual or give in to your craving. In addition to the foods similar to McNuggets in flavor, taste, and nutrition, you can enjoy a variety of foods like McNuggets.

It is generally a good idea to eat other foods rather than McNuggets as a general rule. In this way, you will be able to get the nutrients you need and satisfy your craving simultaneously.

What to eat when craving McNuggets?

If you’re craving McNuggets, the best thing to eat is McNuggets themselves. In the case of craving, individuals should eat the food they desire to satisfy that craving. There is a lot of nutrition in this product, and it probably provides you with the best taste and flavor for your particular needs.

You can now eat other chicken meals at home or from fast-food chains when you have access to McNuggets. In addition, you can consume other foods that provide similar nutrients to McNuggets as an alternative. 

In general, you can satisfy your craving for McNuggets by eating more food or getting the nutrients you need that cause you to crave McNuggets.

Craving McNuggets during pregnancy

Why are you craving McNuggets when pregnant? Pregnant women who crave McNuggets need more nutrients, but you shouldn’t eat too many of them. 

McDonald’s nuggets are not a healthy option for pregnant women. Finding alternatives would be a better choice for you. For example, you can buy some other chicken meals in place of homemade chicken nuggets.

So, you can eat healthier alternatives to McNuggets while avoiding their harmful components. It’s okay to eat a few pieces if you want to eat so bad, don’t eat more than that.

Craving McNuggets before period

Why are you craving McNuggets before your period? McDonald’s McNuggets are high in calories, unhealthy fat, and sodium, so you should choose other alternatives if you crave them before your period.

You can also include chicken in your diet because it is high in iron and protein. During your period, protein can keep you full and satiated, reducing cravings and helping you stay healthy.

Although chicken is a healthy food, McNuggets contain only a small chicken. Therefore, you should eat chicken instead of McNuggets before your period.

Craving McNuggets on period

Why are you craving McNuggets when you are on your period? McNuggets are high in calories, unhealthy fat, and sodium, so you should find other alternatives if you crave them before period.

Another iron- and protein-rich food you can include in your diet is chicken. Protein is essential for your health, and it can help you stay full and satisfied during your period, preventing cravings.

Even though chicken is a healthy food, McNuggets contain a small amount of chicken in their processed form. As a result, you should eat chicken rather than McNuggets during your period.

Craving McNuggets at night

Why are you craving McNuggets at night? A craving for McNuggets at night suggests you need the nutrients they contain to sleep better. Or, perhaps, you miss the taste and texture of the food.

McNuggets contain many unhealthy ingredients, so you may not benefit from eating them. In other words, it may make you feel sleep-deprived.

If you would like, you are welcome to indulge in a few pieces of McNuggets before you head to bed. Nevertheless, you should limit your consumption of McNuggets as they can also lead to digestive problems if you eat too many.

Craving McNuggets when sick

Why are you craving McNuggets when you are sick? Whenever you’re ill, you’re probably craving McNuggets to get the nutrients you need. Alternatively, you are not eating enough, making you crave food like McNuggets.

Generally speaking, McNuggets aren’t healthy food, so eating them would probably not improve your illness. In any case, if you think it will satisfy your cravings and lift your mood, then you can indulge in just a few pieces.

When you are sick, you can give in to your cravings as long as you don’t eat too many McNuggets.

Can you have a McNuggets addiction?

You can become addicted to McNuggets, and it’s neither healthy nor safe. Nuggets like these contain many calories, unhealthy fat, and excess sodium. As a result, eating a lot of it if you are craving it is not recommended.

When you indulge in your cravings, you should eat only a few pieces and get over them. In this way, you can prevent becoming addicted and eating more than you need.

Is craving McNuggets a sign of pregnancy?

McNugget cravings are not a sign that you’re pregnant. While pregnant women often have more cravings than non-pregnant women, this is not enough to consider it a sign of pregnancy. 

You can have a McNugget craving or other type of craving at any time. In other words, you can’t rely on your McNugget cravings to determine if you’re pregnant since the cravings themselves aren’t always reliable. 

The best thing you could do if you are unsure about something would be to have a test or consult a physician.

Can you eat too many McNuggets?

You can get sick from eating too many McNuggets if you consume too much of them. Furthermore, if you consume large amounts of McNuggets daily, you are less likely to follow a healthy diet plan. 

However, despite their high protein content and other nutrients, McNuggets are still considered fast foods and should not be considered a meal. 

Therefore, whenever you crave McNuggets, it is essential to limit the number you consume. As long as your cravings do not compromise your diet, you will stay healthy and on a healthy diet.

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled some frequently asked questions about McNugget cravings that you might find helpful. It would be helpful for you to read further to see if any additional information will help you address your concerns.

What does craving McNuggets mean emotionally?

As a result, McNugget cravings may be related to emotional factors. McDonald’s McNuggets may also seem appealing if you are depressed, stressed, or sad and believe that consumption will improve your mood. Hence, cravings can be viewed as self-medication. 

By satisfying your cravings, you can benefit emotionally. In short, you can indulge in your cravings and keep your diet intact as long as you do so in moderation.

What deficiency causes you to crave McNuggets?

Nutrient or energy deficiency is often a cause of cravings for McNuggets. Thus, if you think you lack something in McNuggets, you must first understand what you are lacking, and you must acquire it more often. 

McNuggets are high-calorie food packed with small amounts of protein. Therefore, if you find yourself craving McNuggets, you probably need the protein they can provide.

Craving McNuggets after a workout

You may crave McNuggets after you work out because they contain small amounts of protein. Even so, it would be best to find other post-workout snacks instead of McNuggets.

McDonald’s nuggets are filled with unhealthy ingredients such as excessive fat, sodium, and calories. Therefore, eating them after you exercise will not be beneficial to you.

In this case, getting other options would be better, so you won’t waste all your hard work on eating nuggets in the end.

Craving McNuggets on a keto diet

There are a lot of carbs in McNuggets, so it is not keto-friendly. However, there are keto-friendly options at other fast-food chains. So if you crave such foods, you should find another option.

If you follow a keto diet and crave McNuggets, you can order keto-friendly options from other chains. 

You can choose from these options since they contain fewer than ten carbohydrates, so they are suitable for someone like you who follows a ketogenic diet.


Usually, McNugget cravings arise out of stress or emotional breakdown. McNuggets are comfort foods for many, so you may also crave them whenever you feel sad or depressed. A lack of energy or nutrients could also cause it.

Whatever reason you have for craving McNuggets, you need to understand why it happens so that you can address your cravings adequately. This way, you won’t let this craving cause you to ruin your diet.



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