Why Am I Craving Ginger? [And What to Do? Explained!]

Cravings happen to us all the time, and they can be any kind of food and for any reason. In many cases, we crave food that we love or a specific flavor that we think of at some point. However, when you feel like craving ginger, doesn’t that sound a bit weird? So, you may ask:

Why am I craving ginger? It may probably be because you need its spicy aroma and scent if you’re craving ginger. Ginger is mainly known for being a condiment in many recipes. Thus, if you crave ginger, you may miss the spicy scent and flavor it gives. Also, your body probably hints that you need some of its nutrients.

Ginger is one of those natural medications that make the others seem great. It relieves nausea, decreases pain, calms the urge to cough, relieves headaches, and tastes food enough to make it palatable to the queasy. As a result, a craving for ginger indicates that your body wants you to get its health advantages.

Below is a list of everything you might need to know about ginger and your craving for it. This way, you can learn what you need to know and see whether you can do something about it.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Why do I crave ginger?

If you’re craving ginger, it’s probably because your body needs the nutrients you can get from ginger. Or, you need the ginger’s aroma since your body finds it comforting or relaxing.

Let’s take a look at each of the possible causes of your cravings for ginger.

You miss or need ginger’s flavor and scent.

The first reason you probably have for your ginger cravings is its flavor and scent. The scent and flavor of ginger are relaxing to the body and mind. Also, it helps relieve a lot of pain and helps your body relax.

Ginger includes phenols, which are plant compounds, the most important of which are gingerols, shogoals, and gingerdiols. The most abundant of the three is gingerol, and it is this oily liquid gives ginger its characteristic flavor.

In short, your craving for ginger can be due to your need for a relaxing solution. Ginger can help you relax and make your body comfortable.

Your body needs the nutrients found in ginger.

Another possible reason you want ginger is that your body lacks the nutrients present in gingers. Ginger is a powerhouse of nutrients, containing various vitamins, including vitamin C and the B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and minerals like iron, calcium, and phosphorus.

The spice also includes plant chemicals called phenols, the most significant of which are gingerols, shogoals, and gingerdiols. Gingerol is the most plentiful of the three, and it is this oily liquid gives ginger its distinctive flavor.

Even though most of these nutrients are lacking in ginger, you may begin to want them for your body to receive even the smallest amount of nutrition.

Your body and mind want to try some new flavor.

Most people are oblivious of their mouth’s need for novel flavors. Instead, they correlate cravings with sugar, hunger, emotional eating, and so forth. However, you should be aware that diversity is equally important to consider!

As you’ve seen, we developed to have a diverse diet. We evolved to want a variety of meals because eating various foods allowed us to adjust when a crop failed. Or when an animal herd fails to appear. As a result, if you eat the same meals every day, they will get monotonous.

Even if you eat the world’s best diet and take every vitamin, even if you eat fully healthily, you will get bored and want new experiences. As a result, you may want ginger because you want to try something new.

Why am I craving ginger all of a sudden?

If you’re craving ginger all of a sudden, it’s maybe because you need its flavor or scent. Ginger has an aroma and flavor that relaxes the body in most cases. Thus, finding yourself craving ginger is likely for this reason. 

Ginger contains phenols, which are plant chemicals of which the most significant are gingerols, shogoals, and gingerdiols. Gingerol is the most plentiful of the three, and it is this oily liquid gives ginger its distinctive flavor.

In summary, your need for ginger may be motivated by a desire for a calming remedy. Ginger might help you relax and feel better in your body.

Why am I craving ginger all the time?

If you’re craving ginger all the time, it’s likely because you find the flavor and scent of it comforting to your senses. In addition, ginger is said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It may also aid with headaches and nausea and give cardiovascular advantages.

Ginger may help combat bacteria, sickness, inflammation, and cancer-causing chemicals. Thus, consuming a small amount every day can benefit your general health. Because ginger is a natural root, consuming it will also provide additional nutrients.

How to stop craving ginger?

The best way to stop craving ginger is to take other food that shares many similarities with ginger. For instance, it can be a drink or part of a drink with the same flavor. However, the best way to stop cravings is to take some nutrients that you probably get with ginger. 

What to eat when craving ginger?

If you’re craving ginger, the best thing to eat will also be ginger. However, since it’s more of a herb than the food you can consume on its own, the best way to do so is to mix it with other food. 

Now, if you want to try other alternatives to ginger in your food, you can enjoy some allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and mace. These things may give you a similar scent and flavor to ginger, which may alleviate your ginger craving.

Craving ginger during pregnancy

Why are you craving ginger when pregnant? If you’re craving ginger when pregnant, it’s probably because your body needs the health benefits you can get from ginger.

In general, ginger appears to improve digestion and saliva flow. Further, studies have shown to reduce nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. Ginger, on the other hand, should be avoided by pregnant women. Some specialists are concerned that large dosages may increase the chance of miscarriage.

In short, when you’re pregnant and you crave ginger, you can take small amounts, but make sure not to overdo it, as it may have side effects on your pregnancy.

Craving ginger before period

Why are you craving ginger before your period? If you’re craving ginger before period, it’s probably your body hinting you to take ginger to alleviate possible cramps or pain. 

Ginger is a medicinal plant that may successfully relieve menstruation cramps. This herb is essential in decreasing the amounts of pain-causing prostaglandins. It also aids in treating premenstrual syndrome tiredness and can help regularize irregular cycles.

In short, your body will benefit if you follow your craving and take some ginger if you think you’re about to have your period. Still, please do not overdo it, as it may also give you a side effect.

Craving ginger on period

Why are you craving ginger when you are on your period? If you’re craving ginger during a period, it’s probably from your body asking you to get some comfort from the aroma and flavor of ginger.

Ginger is a medicinal herb that has been shown to treat menstrual cramps effectively. This herb is critical in lowering the levels of pain-causing prostaglandins. It also helps with premenstrual syndrome fatigue and can help regularize irregular cycles.

In summary, if you give in to your need and consume ginger during your period, your body will reap its health benefits.

Craving ginger at night

Why are you craving ginger at night? If you’re craving ginger at night, it’s usually due to your body’s need for its flavor and aroma. 

Ginger is high in antioxidants, chemicals that protect your body’s DNA from stress and harm. Consequently, they may aid your body in fighting chronic ailments such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and lung disorders and promote healthy aging.

Fresh ginger has a somewhat peppery and sweet flavor and a solid and aromatic scent. Thus, you may find it ideal to follow your craving so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep afterward.

Craving ginger when sick

Why are you craving ginger when you are sick? If you’re craving ginger when you’re sick, it’s probably to relieve your body from the effects of your sickness. 

Ginger is frequently touted as a natural approach to alleviate nausea or soothe an upset stomach. In fact, its capacity to relieve nausea and vomiting is its most well-supported use. According to some research, the spice may be as efficient as other anti-nausea drugs while having fewer adverse effects.

Fresh ginger has a spicy, sweet taste and a rich, fragrant fragrance. Since ginger is beneficial against sickness, you’ll do well with following your craving and getting some ginger.

Can you have a ginger addiction?

Ginger addiction is unlikely to occur. However, it might be if you’re eating ginger more frequently than usual. While gingers are generally healthy to eat in small amounts, overconsumption might negatively affect your health.

In general, ginger addiction might produce moderate adverse effects such as heartburn, diarrhea, burping, and stomach pain. Higher dosages of 5 grams per day increase the chance of adverse effects.

Is craving ginger a sign of pregnancy?

No, a desire for ginger does not indicate pregnancy. Most of the time, you crave a particular food because you miss the flavor, want to try it for the first time, or are deficient in the nutrients it supplies.

Popular pregnancy cravings include sweet, spicy, and salty foods. In reality, while ginger is listed in a few places, it is often not included in the pregnant symptoms list.

Can you eat too much ginger?

Yes, it is possible to overeat ginger. Although ginger usually is safe to consume in modest amounts, overconsumption may result in diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

On the other hand, these symptoms usually are only evident if you aren’t used to eating them daily (or at all).

Start with tiny doses of fresh powdered ginger to avoid unpleasant side effects if you’re new to ginger. Usually, just enough to keep your dish from tasting bland.

Frequently asked questions

Now, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding ginger and about cravings for them.

What does craving ginger mean emotionally?

Ginger cravings aren’t always the result of an emotional deed. However, it does not dismiss the possibility. Emotions might still trigger Ginger cravings.

Understanding such a need is best viewed as a form of self-medication. For instance, you could crave gingers since you enjoy them and haven’t had one in a long time. Furthermore, gratifying this need may assist you in boosting your mood or, in other words, make you happy.

What deficiency causes you to crave ginger?

Ginger is a nutrient powerhouse, including vitamins such as vitamin C and the B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Thus, if you crave ginger, your body may be telling you that you need the mentioned nutrients.

Craving ginger ale

If you’re craving ginger ale, it’s because you haven’t had one for a while, or you need the nutrients or flavor found in it. Also, because ginger has a relaxing effect on stomachs, many individuals request the drink to relieve the stress of traveling or the plane’s turbulence. However, ginger ale doesn’t contain that much natural ginger; it’s the carbonation that settles your stomach.

Craving ginger beer

If you crave ginger beer, it’s because you’ve never had one, or your body requires the nutrients or taste it contains. 

Because ginger beer is a nonalcoholic soft drink, it can be consumed on its own, but it is most commonly included in cocktails such as Moscow Mules. Ginger beer has a somewhat more robust flavor than ginger ale, with a faint spicy aftertaste.

Craving ginger snaps

If you’re craving ginger snaps, it’s because your body needs the nutrients you get from them. Gingersnaps are better than other cookies since they are low in calories and offer several health advantages. For example, the ginger in these cookies has anti-inflammatory effects and is known to aid in treating nausea and preventing heart disease and other ailments.


In a nutshell, a craving for ginger means your body needs either its flavor and taste or its nutrition. If you’re craving ginger, you undoubtedly need its aromatic fragrance and scent. In addition, ginger is well recognized as a condiment in numerous cuisines. As a result, if you want ginger, you could miss the spicy fragrance and flavor it provides. Also, your body is probably indicating that you require some of its nutrients.

Ginger is one of those natural remedies that make the others seem fantastic. It alleviates nausea, reduces pain, soothes the desire to cough, alleviates headaches, and flavors food enough to make it pleasant to the queasy. Consequently, a need for ginger suggests that your body wants you to reap the benefits of its health benefits.



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