Why Am I Craving Fat? [And What to Do? Explained!]

In food, fat concentrates flavors and smells. Fat gives foods a creamy texture that many of us enjoy. In addition, the higher energy density of fat makes us feel fuller faster than protein or carbohydrates. Thus, it’s not surprising to hear many people crave it from time to time. Still, it may make you wonder:

Why am I craving fat? First, if you’re craving fat, you probably need fat-soluble nutrients. It can be a lack of vitamins A, K, D, and E in most cases. Also, fat makes us feel full, so your craving may come from hunger. Lastly, you may also crave fat simply because it makes you feel happy.

Fat is one of the things we enjoy eating because it’s packed with nothing but flavor and savory goodness. However, since it’s not a healthy food to eat in large amounts, indulging in it can seem complicated to resist, yet we need to because of the dangers it can bring if not controlled.

In this article, we’ll give an in-depth take on fat cravings, what it means and what causes them. This way, you can understand what’s happening to your body and what you can do to control it and deal with it without compromising your health and diet.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Why do I crave fat?

What does it mean when you are craving fat? If you’re craving fat, you have three common reasons that may cause it. Let’s have a look at each one below.

Nutrient Deficiency

The first and most common reason you crave fat is nutrients. Although fat isn’t packed with vitamins and minerals, it may mean you crave fat-soluble vitamins.

In most cases, these vitamins are A, K, D, and E. Thus, you may find it beneficial to eat foods rich in these vitamins.

Of course, consuming a bit of fat will help you drive away and solve your cravings. However, it would be best to keep it at a minimal amount while consuming healthy food rich in fat-soluble vitamins to maintain good health.


Another common cause of fat cravings is hunger. Since fat contains a higher energy density, it makes us feel full quicker than protein or carbs. Thus, if you’re hungry, you can suddenly crave fat for immediate satisfaction.

The only thing to note is that fat will also make you feel hungry faster. Thus, you shouldn’t overeat fat and focus on eating something rich in protein, like meat.

This way, you won’t compromise your health and eat unnecessarily high amounts of fat that can even cause health complications.

Emotional comfort

Fat offers a creamy texture to our food that we will never get tired of enjoying. Thus, if you enjoy fat and eat such regularly, you may crave it because you need it as comfort food.

Such instances can happen when people are emotionally down or feeling stressed. In such a case, giving in to your craving can help lift your mood and feel comfortable.

The only thing to make sure of is controlling your consumption and avoiding eating fat in large amounts. As long as you can do so, you can give in to your cravings without worries.

Why am I craving fat all of a sudden?

If you’re craving fat all of a sudden, you are probably hungry or that you lack the fat-soluble vitamins. In most cases, though, hunger is the reason.

Since fat has a high energy density, eating such can make you feel full fast. Thus, a sudden hunger can make you crave high energy from fat.

While it’s alright to give in to your cravings and eat a bit of fat, you need to make sure you don’t go overboard with it. Instead, only consume a small amount and eat nutritious food and fat for a balanced diet.

Why am I craving fat all the time?

If you’re craving fat all the time, you are probably not getting enough energy with your current diet. Fat contains a concentrated amount of energy, and it’s even higher than protein and carbohydrates.

Thus, if you crave fat all the time, you probably need more energy, which means you may not be eating enough for the day.

In this case, you may give in to your cravings but only eat small amounts of fat. At the same time, you may want to add more energy-filled food to your diet to prevent further fat cravings from occuring. 

How to stop craving fat?

If you want to stop craving fat, you need to eat fat or other food with a similar flavor and energy content.

In most cases, you’ll find it ideal for indulging in your fat cravings. As long as you do it in small amounts, you don’t have anything to worry about your health.

Now, if you also want to eat a healthier diet, you may want to eat protein-rich food and other fruits and food with healthy fats as an alternative.

What to eat when craving fat?

When craving fat, you need to eat food with high energy density. You’ll benefit from eating protein-rich food such as meat in most cases. At the same time, you can consume food with high amounts of healthy fats.

Now, you can always give in to your fat cravings, but make sure that you only eat small amounts of fat when you do so.

As long as you maintain a proper diet and lifestyle, you can always give in to your fat cravings in small amounts whenever you crave it,

Craving fat during pregnancy

Why are you craving fat when pregnant? If you’re craving fat during pregnancy, you probably aren’t eating enough, and you need more energy.

In general, when you crave fat, you should get some food rich in monosaturated fat. During pregnancy, the body needs more fat. You may need 25-35% of your calories from fat, which means you need to alter or change your diet.

You should always go for foods rich in monosaturated fat if you can choose. This way, you can maintain a healthy diet while indulging in your cravings.

Craving fat before period

Why are you craving fat before your period? If you are craving fat before period, you probably need more food because you feel hungry than usual. 

In general, progesterone is at its peak before your period, and it’s a hormone associated with an enormous appetite. For this reason, a sudden craving for fat will be a possible effect of it.

Now, you can always indulge in small amounts of fat. However, make sure you keep your consumption in moderation to avoid further issues.

Craving fat on period

Why are you craving fat when you are on your period? If you’re craving fat during your period, you probably need more food because of the hunger you feel than usual.

When your egg is released during ovulation, hormonal fluctuations affect your neurotransmitters. As a result, you reach for high-calorie treats like these because your body craves fats. This craving aims to increase the low levels of serotonin that are currently being produced by your body.

In short, it will do your body good to give in to your cravings. However, since you crave fat, you need to make sure you only eat a small amount of it. Mix the fat with healthy food to maintain a balanced diet throughout your period.

Craving fat at night

Why are you craving fat at night? If you’re craving fat at night, you probably crave the flavor of fat because it’s savory and salty. 

While you can give in to your cravings, you should not do so, especially since you’re about to go to bed. Eating fats at night will hinder proper sleep and prevent you from sleeping.

In short, it’s not a good thing to give in to your cravings, so it would be best to get a glass of water and drink some before going to bed.

Craving fat when sick

Why are you craving fat when you are sick? If you’re craving fat when sick, you probably need the energy you can get from it. However, it would be best to find other options.

While fat contains high energy, it’s not a healthy food to indulge into, especially when you’re sick. So instead, the best food to eat is rich in simple or refined carbs.

This way, you can get through your sickness without adding further complications from your fat cravings.

Can you have a fat addiction?

Fat addiction is possible. Generally, you may experience fat cravings since you become addicted to its texture and flavor. However, it is enjoyable to consume fat.

Due to the production of dopamine by our brains after consuming fatty meals, we crave them more. It is this reason that so many people overeat high-fat junk food – they can’t stop themselves.

In general, replacing the food you crave with a substitute is not a good idea. You’ll still crave fat after eating something you didn’t want to eat.

Instead, eat a moderate amount of the best quality fats you can find and afford. Make sure to enjoy it fully, satisfy your appetite, and then move on.

Is craving fat a sign of pregnancy?

No, it’s not likely that craving fat is a sign of pregnancy. Now, if you’re pregnant and you crave fat, it would be best not to give in all the time.

Consuming too much saturated fat can also raise the level of cholesterol in your blood, increasing your risk of getting heart disease. High-fat, high-sugar, or both foods include all spreading fats.

Since you’re pregnant, you should watch over your diet and stay on the healthy side. Overeating fat can compromise that part, so avoid it at all costs.

Can you eat too much fat?

Yes, you can eat too much fat. You have nothing to worry about if you crave too much fat. However, if you satisfy it with too much fat, it’s not healthy for your body.

The reason is that fat is high in saturated fat, which is terrible for your heart health. While excess fat is also to blame for weight gain, you should know that a moderate amount will benefit your heart.

Frequently asked questions

Now, let’s address some of the frequently asked questions about this topic. Hopefully, you’ll learn something from our insights.

What does craving fat mean emotionally?

You may have fat cravings because you become addicted to the sense of satisfaction! We like fat because it makes us feel good. Therefore, if you consider your emotional state, you may require fat for this reason.

Due to the release of dopamine in our brains after consuming fatty meals. So people can’t help but overeat high-fat junk food because they cannot stop themselves.

Due to the increased dopamine levels in the body, we are more likely to seek out things that give us pleasure (leading to obesity).

We don’t need to eat fat all the time just because we now understand why we desire it, do we? There are alternative ways to deal with these desires.

What deficiency causes you to crave fat?

If you’re craving fat, you can be deficient in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, K, D, and E. Thus, you need to make sure you consume food rich in these vitamins to answer those deficiencies if ever you have them.

While it’s easy to give in to your fat cravings, you won’t get these vitamins from it, so make sure you eat nutritious food along with the fat you crave.

Does eating fat make you crave more fat?

Fat consumption may make you crave more fat. Since fat has a creamy texture and wonderful flavor, you can get addicted and crave more of it.

For this reason, you should control your fat consumption and eat only in small amounts. This way, you can avoid complications from overeating fat and maintain proper diet and health.


In a nutshell, fat cravings are often caused by a nutrient deficiency, hunger, or a need for emotional comfort. Whatever reason you may have for craving fat, you should always note that fat is not something you can eat in large amounts.

Although it’s flavorful and enjoyable to indulge, eating high amounts of fat can cause many health complications. For this reason, you need to know what causes your cravings so you can find a way to answer your cravings without simply giving in to your urges.

While it’s alright to eat fats in small amounts, you need to make sure you also eat other healthy food and get some proper exercise to maintain good health and avoid health problems.



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