Why Sous Vide Food? (13 Foods Covered and Explained)

Sous vide is an excellent cooking method that many people are now beginning to notice. Still, if you’re not familiar with sous vide, you may wonder why it’s becoming popular and about the reasons why it’s better to cook sou vide. For this reason, you may ask:

Why sous vide food? In general, you should sous vide food if you want a precise cooking process and output. The thing about sous vide is that it offers a consistent temperature. Thus, you have complete control over your food. As a result, you end up with perfect dishes every time, with less room for error. 

Of course, food varies when it comes to the cooking process. For example, some food needs more prolonged cooking while others don’t. If you’re wondering why you should sous vide a specific food, you may find it below.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Why sous vide meat?

You will find it ideal to sous vide meat because of its precise and controlled temperature. When cooking meat, you’re prone to both undercooking and overcooking it. For this reason, you’ll get the best results when you have complete control over the temperature and cooking time.

In general, sous vide provides precision, something that’s not possible with traditional cooking. For instance, oven cooking may leave some parts undercooked and some overcooked due to uneven heat distribution. On the other hand, stovetop cooking may have uneven cooking since the surface will be flat. 

When you cook sous vide, you use a low temperature but a consistent one. With such a controlled temperature, you can even cook throughout the entire meat, whatever it is. Thus, you’ll enjoy your preferred doneness throughout your meat.

Why sous vide steak?

Steak cooking is a simple process, yet the preferred doneness is what makes it tricky. But, whether it’s in a pan or oven, you are a minute away from overcooking and undercooking. 

On the other hand, sous vide that cooks at low temperature give you lesser room for error. Thus, you can get a perfect medium-rare if you want throughout the steak.

You’ll also have no gray area that shows overcooking. So even if you sear the steak, you’ll end up with a juicy steak anytime, even without resting.

Why sous vide pork?

Pork is a dense type of meat. Thus, it needs a little bit of help to give out the best flavor. Also, since you need to cook pork thoroughly, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t let some parts get overcooked.

For this reason, you’ll want the benefits of sous vide to cook the pork at its precise temperature. With such a feature, you’ll end up with a perfectly cooked pork that’s ready for searing and serving.

Why sous vide beef?

Like steak cuts, all types of beef cuts work well when cooked in sous vide. Sous vide maintains its moisture while tenderizing the beef.

Since beef can get tricky and chewy when overcooked, you won’t worry about that in sous vide. However, when you cook in a water bath at a specific temperature, you’ll surely end up with a perfectly cooked beef anytime you want.

Why sous vide chicken?

Chicken is a type of meat that’s easy to cook. Unfortunately, for this reason, you’re more prone to overcooking it, especially in the oven or in the pan.

With this in mind, a precise temperature and control over the heat brought by sous vide will help you cook the perfect chicken any time. Simply set the temperature, place your airtight and vacuum-sealed chicken, and let the sous vide machine do the rest.

Why sous vide turkey?

Turkey is a popular choice, especially on special occasions. However, the meat of this bird tends to get dry due to its size. For this reason, many cooks struggle on how to keep this type of meat juicy and moist.

With sous vide’s low temperature and slow cooking, you can retain the moisture of the turkey while you cook it thoroughly. Thus, as you finish cooking, you end up with a moist turkey that you can enjoy on every occasion.

Why sous vide fish?

Fish like salmon are best to enjoy when cooked at a specific temperature. If cooked longer, they become flaky and dry. If cooked quicker, you’ll end up with a raw taste that’s not pleasant to eat.

In short, the sous vide would help give your fish thorough cooking while avoiding it from being raw or overcooked.

Why sous vide hamburger?

Hamburger works well even with pan-searing, oven, and grilling. However, you’ll also achieve the same result with sous vide. The exact temperature would be ideal for cooking a hamburger patty thoroughly and evenly. Thus, it’s a good idea to consider when you’re preparing it in advance.

Why sous vide hot dogs?

If you’re preparing a whole batch of hotdogs, you can always do so in a sous vide water bath. But, of course, hot dogs are simple food that requires simple heating. Still, if you’re preparing large batches in advance, you’ll benefit from this method anytime.

Why sous vide ham?

It’s ideal to sous vide ham, especially if it’s a significant cut. However, preparing a ham takes long hours. Thus, when you cook it sous vide, you’ll let it cook on its juices, giving a better marinade and flavor as it cooks. 

It’s the best way to pack your ham with flavor. Now, it would take long hours, so it would be best to prepare the meat ahead of time.

Why sous vide ribs?

Ribs need slow cooking, which means sous vide is an obvious solution for it. With the sous vide slow cooking, you tenderize the ribs until its soft enough to fall off the bones. If you add some sauce to the water bath, you’ll also pack the ribs with flavor. 

Why sous vide eggs?

You should sous vide eggs if you want specific doneness, especially when boiling them. Also, it makes eggs safer for consumption. 

For example, keeping an egg at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours successfully sterilizes it, making it safe to use in raw recipes.

They’re more straightforward and more flavorful than poached or soft-cooked eggs. In addition, there is no need to peel; simply break them into a dish or onto a slice of toast.

Why sous vide vegetables?

You should sous vide vegetables since it gives you the perfect cook with lesser room for errors. For example, if you’re cooking green vegetables, you can cook them crisp-tender while retaining their brilliance in color.

All of these things are possible thanks to the adequately heated water bath. Lastly, sous vide allows you to cook root veggies till they are delicate from beginning to end.


So, why would you sous vide food? You should sous vide food if you want a precise and consistent output. In general, this method provides precision, something you cannot achieve with traditional cooking.

Due to uneven heat distribution, oven cooking may result in some undercooked areas and others overdone. Stovetop cooking, on the other hand, may result in inconsistent cooking due to the flat surface.

With sous vide, you cook at a low but consistent temperature. Thus, you can always enjoy perfectly cooked food according to your preference using this method.



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