How to Unsalt Salted Nuts? (Explained for All Kind of Nuts!)

Even though nuts on their own are usually very nutritious and healthy, this can change instantly when they’re flavored – salted nuts might usually taste much better; however, this comes with some downsides. Because of that, you may be wondering whether or not you can somehow take the salt off them. And believe it or not, although it doesn’t work perfectly, there is a way to do so:

How to unsalt salted nuts? To unsalt salted nuts, you will need to get a bowl with enough water to cover all of your nuts when you put them inside. Then just wait for a couple of hours, and the water should remove the vast majority of the salt in the meantime. So now you just have to drain and dry the nuts, and it’s done; you have successfully unsalted your salted nuts!

This answer was just a quick one; if we want to understand this topic, we’ll have to dive into it much deeper.

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Can I remove salt from salted nuts?

If you need to remove salt from your nuts for any reason, you first have to understand that this simply cannot be done thoroughly, and no matter what you do with the nuts, there will always be some salt left. That said, though, there is a way to remove at least some of the salt from salted nuts.

To do so, you will have to put the nuts into a big enough bowl and then cover them with water. If you wait for enough time, the water will rinse away a lot of the salt from the nuts, which means you now only have to drain and dry them, and they’re ready to be used in whatever way you wish!

How to remove salt from salted nuts?

As we have already touched a bit in the last paragraph, removing salt from salted nuts isn’t really hard. First, put the nuts in a bowl and then pour in enough water to cover all the nuts. Then, cover the bowl and let the nuts sit in the water for a couple of hours, thoroughly shaking them every half an hour or so.

After a while, the water should rinse away most of the salt, which is exactly what we were looking for. Hence, just drain the nuts for a bit and then let them dry, preferably in a dryer machine, but if you don’t have any, an oven can also be used.

How to desalt salted peanuts?

Did you buy some way too salty peanuts? Don’t worry; there is an easy way to remove the excess salt from them – to desalt salted peanuts, first put them in a bowl, and pour in enough water so that it covers all of them, close the bowl, and now just wait for a bit. 

After a few hours, remove the peanuts from the bowl; now, you’ll only have to remove the excess water. Then, you can either use a dryer machine or oven or just wait for a couple of hours and voila, you have desalted your peanuts!

How to unsalt salted pistachios?

Do you know that by themselves, pistachios don’t really taste salty? It is just so hard to get a hand of them before they get salted, many people have never even had the chance to do so. However, you can at least try to remove the salt from your pistachios to make them taste more naturally!

To unsalt salted pistachios, put them in a bowl and pour in enough water to submerge them. Then, wait for a couple of hours, and the water should remove the vast majority of the salt from the pistachios. Hence, you now only have to drain the nuts, and they’re ready to be tasted.

Do you want to do the exact opposite? Learn how to salt unsalted nuts.

How to desalt almonds?

If you’re looking for a simple way to remove excess salt from your almonds, you must definitely try this one – to desalt almonds, just put them into a tight paper bag and shake them thoroughly. Even though this obviously won’t remove the salt that has already sunk deep into the nuts, it will still do a pretty good job with desalting almonds.

Frequently asked questions

Can I wash salted peanuts for birds?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot wash salted peanuts for birds – the reason being that it simply isn’t possible to remove all of the salt from the peanuts, and as we all know, should the birds consume even a tiny amount of salt, it most likely won’t end up really good for them.


If the nuts you have bought are way too salty for you, don’t throw them away; there is a relatively simple and effective way to remove most of the salt from them. The only thing you’ll have to do is to put the nuts in water for at least a few hours, and you’re done! This process can be theoretically fastened by putting the nuts and water into an oven, but we wouldn’t really recommend you to do so because it might mess up the final product.


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