Does Wine Make You Poop and Cause Diarrhea? (Explained!)

Wine is one of the liquors we enjoy from time to time. We enjoy a glass on certain occasions, and we love it in times of relaxation and enjoyment. However, if you notice a change in your bowel movement every time you drink wine, you may wonder:

Does wine make you poop and cause diarrhea? Yes, wine can make you poop and cause diarrhea. In general, fermented drinks and alcohol such as wine can affect digestion. Thus, if you drink too much wine, it can cause all kinds of digestive problems, including excessive pooping and diarrhea. Thus, it would be best if you only consumed such in moderation.

Wine is a typical drink that many people enjoy. As such, it’s impossible to cut down its consumption despite its possible effects of pooping and diarrhea. Thus, understanding what happens to your body when you consume alcohol is an essential thing you need to do.

In this article, you’ll see an in-depth take on wine and its effects on our digestive system. This way, you can understand what happens to your body and how you can still enjoy wine without compromising your health.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Does wine make you poop?

Yes, wine makes you poop. It’s because it contains a lot of alcohol. Alcohol makes bowel movements easier. When you drink too much, you poop.

Moreover, the water it contains softens the stool so you can poop easier. Therefore, if wine makes you poop a lot, you need to cut back on your wine consumption.

Does wine cause diarrhea?

Yes, wine causes diarrhea. However, due to its alcohol and water content, wine makes bowel movements easier and softens stools.

Wines’ alcohol content makes bowel movements more effortless for their consumers. The water also softens the stool and facilitates its removal from your system.

Is it normal when wine makes you poop?

Yes, it’s normal when wine makes you poop. Wine contains both alcohol and water so that it can regulate bowel movements. It can also soften stools due to the water content. You poop when you drink too much wine, which is an entirely natural occurrence.

Is it normal when wine gives you diarrhea?

Yes, it’s normal when wine gives you diarrhea. Wine contains alcohol and water, which can help stimulate bowel movement and soften stools. It makes you poop, which is normal when you consume too much wine.

Why does wine make me poop?

You poop when you drink wine because it contains alcohol and water. The alcohol in the water helps soften the stool, and the alcohol regulates bowel movements. Therefore, when you drink wine, you tend to poop more frequently.

Why does wine give me diarrhea?

You get diarrhea from drinking wine since it contains alcohol and water. Drinking wine helps to regulate your bowel movements as well. However, it is essential to remember that too much wine will cause you to poop.

Additionally, water in the stool can also help soften the stool, making it easier for you to poop. Finally, we recommend reducing the amount of wine you consume to prevent frequent bowel movements.

What to do if wine makes you poop?

You should reduce or stop your consumption of wine until you recover if it causes you to poop. Drinking wine can cause you to poop because it contains high amounts of alcohol and water.

As a result, cutting back or stopping your wine consumption from solving your pooping problem is the only way.

What to do if wine gives you diarrhea?

If you have diarrhea after drinking wine, the right thing to do is to stop drinking it until you feel better. In addition, it would be best to reduce your limit of this drink to prevent diarrhea from occurring again.

How fast does wine make you poop?

You can make yourself poop fast when you drink wine. Because the drink contains high levels of alcohol and water, it can make you poop within an hour of drinking it.

In general, the faster the reaction, the more wine you consume. Therefore, make sure you do not overdo wine to prevent further complications whenever you consume wine.

Does wine help with constipation?

Yes, wine helps with constipation. Due to its high alcohol content, wine is a laxative, especially when consumed in large amounts. Therefore, consuming wine can help ease constipation and ease your bowel movements if you suffer from constipation.

Does wine make your poop smell?

No, wine does not make your poop smell. Wine has a light color, and its acidic taste does not make you smell like poop like other foods and drinks. 

Even if you consume a lot of wine, the smell won’t worsen. All kinds of stool smell terrible, but drinking too much wine doesn’t make it worse.

Frequently asked questions

The following are some frequently asked questions about wine and its effects on our digestive system. Below are some answers you may find helpful.

Does wine change stool color?

Yes, wine changes the color of the stool. However, it may only happen when you drink dark wines. It won’t change your stool color if you drink white wine and other similar liquors.

Do lots of wine make you poop more?

Yes, lots of wine makes you poop more. This wine has a laxative effect on digestion due to its high alcohol content.

Therefore, drinking more wine will cause you to poop more. Therefore, you should minimize your wine consumption if you already have diarrhea and even cut it back temporarily to prevent your diarrhea from getting any worse.

Is wine a natural laxative?

No, wine is not a natural laxative. In contrast, consuming large amounts of it can cause constipation. This is because wine and fermented drinks increase gastric acid secretion by stimulating the secretion of gastric acids in the stomach.

Does wine make you poop black?

Yes, wine makes you poop black. Long-term wine and alcohol consumption can cause bleeding in the intestines and the stomach. Blood in the upper gastrointestinal tract will appear almost black when bleeding occurs. So your stool may be dark or black if you’re pooping blood or you notice you’re bleeding in your stomach.

Can wine make you poop dark?

Yes, wine can make you poop dark. Those who abuse alcohol for an extended period can also suffer bleeding in the stomachs and intestines. As the blood moves from the upper gastrointestinal tract into the large intestine, where stool is formed, the blood will turn dark.

Does wine make you poop green?

Yes, wine makes your poop green. Sometimes purple or deep blue foods cause you to poop green. Such types of food and drinks include red wine. The purple food coloring can also cause dark or bright green poop.

Does wine make your poop hard?

In most cases, wine makes your poop hard. You can also depress your bowel function with alcohol since it depresses the central nervous system. Constipation is a severe complication of alcohol use, regardless of how people metabolize it.

Can wine make you poop blood?

In some cases, wine can make you poop blood. This is because excessive alcohol may cause tissue to tear and become more sensitive. Tears such as these, called Mallory-Weiss tears, can result in significant bleeding and may cause bleeding through the stools. Tears can form anywhere along the digestive tract, including the intestines and the throat.


In a nutshell, wine can make you poop and cause diarrhea. Wine, for instance, and other fermented drinks can affect digestion in general. Therefore, drinking too much wine can lead to several digestive issues, including excessive pooping and diarrhea. It is why you should only consume it in moderation.

Most people enjoy wine as a typical drink. Thus, despite its possible effects of pooping and diarrhea, it is impossible to cut down its consumption. Therefore, understanding what alcohol does to your body is crucial to your health.



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