Does Matcha Make You Poop and Cause Diarrhea? (Explained!)

Because matcha is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, many people are regarded as an energy source. Therefore, it is often taken as a drink to rehydrate and replenish the body with nutrients. However, having consumed matcha, you may have noticed that it makes you poop. Thus, you may ask:

Does matcha make you poop and cause diarrhea? Yes, matcha makes you poop and cause diarrhea, and it’s because of the caffeine and antioxidants it contains. Matcha contains a high amount of caffeine and antioxidants, so it is laxative in nature, resulting in loose stools. Furthermore, matcha’s high water content causes diarrhea due to the softening effects on the stools.

Due to this reason, matcha relieves constipation. Drinking too much, however, can also cause diarrhea. Therefore, you should consume matcha properly so its caffeine and antioxidants won’t negatively affect your digestion.

The purpose of this article is to walk you through all the basics of matcha and how you can use it. By doing so, you will gain the proper knowledge of how to deal with this issue without affecting your digestive health.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Does matcha make you poop?

Yes, matcha makes you poop. The reason is the caffeine and antioxidants it contains. In addition to giving the body electrolytes, caffeine and antioxidants make bowel movements easier. Excessive consumption may result in bowel movements.

Additionally, the water in the stool softens it, making poop easier. This means that if you are prone to excessive pooping, you need to cut back on your matcha consumption.

Does matcha cause diarrhea?

Yes, matcha causes diarrhea. However, since matcha contains caffeine and antioxidants, it eases bowel movements and softens stools.

Matcha’s caffeine and antioxidant content supply its consumers with electrolytes that facilitate bowel movements more easily. Additionally, the water softens your stool, so your system has an easier time eliminating it.

Is it normal when matcha makes you poop?

Yes, it’s normal when matcha makes you poop. The caffeine and antioxidants in matcha can help regulate bowel movements, and the water content can soften stools. When you drink too much matcha, it will make you poop, and that’s completely normal.

Is it normal when matcha gives you diarrhea?

Yes, it’s normal when matcha gives you diarrhea. Because of the electrolytes in matcha, caffeine and antioxidants in matcha can promote bowel movements and soften stools. Consequently, you end up pooping since matcha makes you poop when you consume a lot of it.

Why does matcha make me poop?

Due to the caffeine and antioxidants in matcha, it causes you to poop. While the caffeine and antioxidants soften the stool, the water regulates bowel movement. Therefore, matcha triggers bowel movements.

Why does matcha give me diarrhea?

Due to its caffeine and antioxidants, matcha gives you diarrhea. Matcha also regulates bowel movements in addition to providing electrolytes and electrolytes. Overconsumption will result in poop.

In addition, water in the stool makes it easier to poop since it softens it. Therefore, it is recommended that you reduce your matcha consumption to avoid frequent bowel movements.

What to do if matcha makes you poop?

Matcha consumption should be reduced or stopped until you recover if it causes you to poop. Drinking matcha can make you poop since it contains high caffeine and antioxidants.

Due to this factor, you can only solve your pooping problem by cutting back or stopping your matcha consumption.

What to do if matcha gives you diarrhea?

If matcha gives you diarrhea, the best thing to do is to reduce your intake until you recover. While you should avoid consuming this drink again, you should also reduce the amount you drink to ensure that diarrhea does not return.

How fast does matcha make you poop?

Matcha is a fast way to make you poop. Due to its high caffeine and antioxidant content, this drink can make you poop in as little as an hour.

Naturally, the faster the effect, the more matcha you drink. However, remember that you should not overdo your matcha intake to avoid further complications.

Does matcha help with constipation?

Yes, matcha helps with constipation. However, matcha has a laxative effect, especially if consumed in large quantities due to its high caffeine and antioxidant content.

Matcha can relieve constipation and ease bowel movements, so you should drink it if you suffer from constipation.

Does matcha make your poop smell?

No, matcha does not make your poop smell. The light color of matcha and the acidic flavor don’t linger on your poop like other food and drinks. 

Although all kinds of stool smell bad, matcha consumption, even in large amounts, won’t exacerbate the problem.

Frequently asked questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about matcha and its effects on our digestive system. If you have any questions or concerns, you can find answers below.

Does matcha change stool color?

Matcha can change the color of the stool, and it usually results in a light green color hue. Of course, a small serving might not be enough to do it, but if you drink too much matcha, it can cause a change in your stool color. 

Do lots of matcha make you poop more?

Yes, many matcha makes you poop more due to their high caffeine content and antioxidants.

Thus, if you drink more matcha, you will poop more. Therefore, matcha consumption should be minimized or even cut back during diarrhea to prevent things from getting worse.

Is matcha a natural laxative?

Yes, matcha is a natural laxative. However, the high levels of caffeine and antioxidants in this drink can have laxative effects once you start drinking it due to its high amounts of caffeine and antioxidants.

Matcha should always be consumed in moderation to avoid diarrhea from its excessive laxative effects.

Does matcha clean out your system?

Yes, matcha cleans your system. Furthermore, because matcha contains vinegar, it is a fermented food that is good for your digestive system. 

Your digestive system will flourish if you consume foods that support the growth and balance of good bacteria. Therefore, matcha can help you keep a clean stomach by enhancing digestion.

Does matcha make you poop green?

Yes, matcha makes you poop green. However, it can only happen when you consume large amounts of such. Since matcha has a bright green color, it can add that same hue to your stool. However, if you only consume small amounts of matcha, it won’t be enough to change its color.

Does matcha make you poop black?

No, matcha does not make you poop black. In general, matcha only darkens the color of your stool to light green. However, it won’t make you poop dark stool. If such a thing occurs, you may want to consider what other foods you eat since they cause the dark-colored stool.


In a nutshell, matcha makes you poop and gives you diarrhea. Caffeine and the antioxidants in it are responsible for these effects. The caffeinated and antioxidant properties of matcha produce loose stools due to the laxative effect of caffeine. In addition, the high water content of matcha causes your stool to become soft, resulting in diarrhea.

In this way, matcha relieves constipation. However, it is also possible to experience diarrhea if you consume too many foods. Therefore, you should adequately consume it to ensure that matcha’s caffeine and antioxidant content do not negatively affect your digestion.



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