Does Kombucha Make You Poop and Cause Diarrhea? (Explained!)

Many people regard kombucha as a source of energy since it is high in probiotics. Therefore, it is frequently consumed as a drink to rehydrate and restore the body with nutrients. However, you may have noticed that kombucha causes you to defecate. Thus you may be wondering:

Does kombucha make you poop and cause diarrhea? Yes, kombucha makes you poop and cause diarrhea, and it’s because of the probiotics it contains. Because kombucha has a high concentration of probiotics, it has a laxative effect, resulting in loose stools. Furthermore, the high water content of kombucha produces diarrhea due to the softening effects on the feces.

As a result, kombucha helps constipation. Excessive drinking, on the other hand, can result in diarrhea. As a result, you should take kombucha correctly so that its probiotics do not negatively impact your digestion.

This post aims to walk you through the fundamentals of kombucha and how to use it. As a result, you will better understand how to cope with this problem without jeopardizing your digestive health.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Does kombucha make you poop?

Yes, kombucha makes you poop. The reason for this is that it contains probiotics. In addition to providing electrolytes to the body, probiotics help with bowel motions. Bowel movements may occur as a result of excessive drinking.

Furthermore, the water in the stool softens it, making it easier to poop. This means that if you have a habit of pooping excessively, you should limit your kombucha use.

Does kombucha cause diarrhea?

Yes, kombucha causes diarrhea. Kombucha contains probiotics, which help to ease bowel movements and soften feces.

The bacteria in kombucha provide electrolytes to customers, making bowel motions easier. Furthermore, the water softens your feces, making it easier for your system to eliminate.

Is it normal when kombucha makes you poop?

Yes, it’s normal when kombucha makes you poop. The bacteria in kombucha can help manage bowel movements, and the water content can soften stools. You will poop if you take too much kombucha, which is typical.

Is it normal when kombucha gives you diarrhea?

Yes, it’s normal when kombucha gives you diarrhea. Probiotics in kombucha can increase bowel movements and soften stools due to the electrolytes in kombucha. But, as a result, you end up pooping since kombucha causes you to poop when you consume a lot of it.

Why does kombucha make me poop?

Kombucha makes you poop because of the probiotics in it. The water regulates bowel movement while the probiotics soften the stool. As a result, kombucha causes bowel movements.

Why does kombucha give me diarrhea?

Kombucha gives you diarrhea because of its probiotics. Kombucha causes diarrhea due to its probiotics. In addition to supplying probiotics, kombucha controls bowel movements. Poop will follow from overconsumption.

Furthermore, water in the stool softens it, making it easier to poop. Therefore, it is recommended that you minimize your kombucha consumption to avoid frequent bowel movements.

What to do if kombucha makes you poop?

If kombucha makes you poop, you should cut back or stop drinking it until you recover. Because kombucha includes a lot of probiotics, it can make you defecate.

Because of this factor, the only way to address your pooping problem is to reduce or discontinue your kombucha use.

What to do if kombucha gives you diarrhea?

If kombucha causes diarrhea, the best thing to do is cut back on your consumption until you recover. Then, while you should avoid drinking it again, you should reduce the amount you drink to ensure that diarrhea does not return.

How fast does kombucha make you poop?

Kombucha is a quick technique to get you to defecate. This drink can cause you to poop in as short as an hour due to its probiotic content.

Naturally, the more kombucha you drink, the faster the effect. To avoid further issues, keep in mind that you should not consume too much kombucha.

Does kombucha help with constipation?

Yes, kombucha helps with constipation. However, kombucha has a laxative effect, especially when consumed in large quantities because of its high probiotic content.

If you suffer from constipation, you should drink kombucha. It can cure constipation and ease bowel movements.

Does kombucha make your poop smell?

No, kombucha does not make your poop smell. Kombucha’s light color and acidic flavor do not linger on your poop like other foods and drinks.

Although all types of stool stink, kombucha drinking, even in enormous quantities, will not increase the condition.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most often asked questions about kombucha and its digestive effects. Please review the answers below if you have any questions or concerns.

Does kombucha change stool color?

Kombucha can affect the color of the stool, usually resulting in a pale green color. Of course, a tiny serving may not be enough, but drinking too much kombucha can cause a change in the color of your stool.

Do lots of kombuchas make you poop more?

Yes, lots of kombucha makes you poop more. Kombucha is a laxative that affects digestion due to its high probiotic content.

As a result, drinking more kombucha will cause you to poop more. Therefore, Kombucha consumption should be reduced or avoided entirely to avoid matters worsening during diarrhea.

Is kombucha a natural laxative?

Yes, kombucha is a natural laxative. The high doses of probiotics in this drink can have laxative effects after you start drinking it.

Kombucha should be drunk in moderation to avoid diarrhea caused by its laxative effects.

Does kombucha clean your gut?

Yes, kombucha cleans your gut. Furthermore, because it contains vinegar, kombucha is a fermented meal beneficial to your digestive system.

If you eat items that promote the growth and balance of healthy bacteria, your digestive system will thrive. As a result, kombucha can help you maintain a clean stomach by improving digestion.

Does kombucha make you poop green?

Yes, kombucha makes you poop green. However, this can only occur if you take a substantial amount. 

Because kombucha is a vivid green beverage, it can impart the same hue to your stool. However, it will not be enough to change the color of the kombucha if you only take a small amount of it.

Can kombucha make you poop blood?

No, kombucha cannot make you poop blood. The only thing it can do is affect your bowels. 

Kombucha contains gut-healthy microbes, making you question whether it impacts regularity and digestion. 

Although kombucha is unlikely to work as a laxative on its own, it may have several digestive impacts that aid with bowel regularity. Thus, if you’re pooping blood, you should consult a doctor to make sure you’re safe.


In a nutshell, kombucha makes you poop and gives you diarrhea. The probiotic properties of kombucha produce loose stools due to the laxative effect of probiotics. In addition, the high water content of kombucha causes your stool to become soft, resulting in diarrhea.

Kombucha relieves constipation in this way. Unfortunately, it’s also possible to get diarrhea if you eat too many of these things. Therefore, it would help to consume kombucha in sufficient quantities to ensure that its probiotic content does not negatively impact your digestion.



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