Does Marsala Wine Go Bad? (All You Need to Know)

Only a few things are so often used as a gift as wine bottles. But since not everyone loves every kind of wine, this may often result in you having to hold onto some bottle for quite a while before you can, for example, use it at a party or give it to someone else.

And believe it or not, not even Marsala wine is everyone’s cup of tea, and because of that, you may have some time in your life wondered:

Does Marsala wine go bad? Yes, Marsala wine goes bad, but with that being said, it takes quite some time before this happens – even opened bottle of Marsala will stay good for about three years. And an unopened bottle of it will stay suitable for so long it can be said that it’ll last forever. That’s especially the case when talking about some high-quality Marsala.

But this was just an extremely brief answer, and we’re going to have to dive into this topic a little bit deeper if we indeed want to understand it.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Does Marsala wine go bad after opening?

Yes, Marsala wine goes bad after opening, however, it happens very slowly – when stored properly (in some dark and chilly environment + ideally using a wine stopper), Marsala wine lasts for something like three years after opening.

Does Marsala wine go bad if unopened?

To put it simply, Marsala wine doesn’t go bad if unopened – due to its natural qualities, an unopened bottle of Marsala (and this goes especially for some more expensive kind) can stay good basically indefinitely. 

It is assured that your Marsala wine won’t become dangerous to drink just due to the time, and although its taste may slowly fade away, not even this happens in most cases.

How long does Marsala wine last once opened?

Marsala wine can stay good for quite a while, even after opening – Marsala wine lasts for about three years once opened, provided you store it correctly. That means you should keep it in the fridge and also use a wine stopper if possible.

How long does Marsala wine last unopened?

As we have explained above, Marsala wine can last very long. So, believe it or not, Marsala wine lasts unopened forever, provided it was stored properly. Of course, that means you should always keep it in some dark and chilly place.

Does Marsala wine need to be refrigerated?

No, Marsala wine doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and the reason for that is that Marsala wine is fortified. That means you just have to keep it in some dark and chilly place, but that doesn’t have to be the fridge or any other special environment.

How to store Marsala wine after opening?

The best way to store Marsala wine after opening is simply to put it into the fridge. That obviously isn’t all you can do, though – to ensure your Marsala will stay in the best shape, it is also highly recommended to use a wine stopper. 

How do you know when Marsala wine goes bad?

The best way to know when Marsala wine goes bad is to check its smell and appearance – if you notice any disgusting odor or weird changes in its appearance, it’s time to throw that bottle of Marsala wine out. 

Can you use expired Marsala wine?

Yes, you can use expired Marsala wine – the reason is that Marsala, as we have explained above, not only doesn’t become dangerous to drink over time, but it usually doesn’t even lose its taste.

Hence, you don’t need to worry about the expiration date because that is just a technicality – if you don’t notice any weird changes in its smell and appearance, you can still use your Marsala wine without any worries.


Marsala wine can last for a really long time – when talking about an adequately stored unopened bottle of it, it can even be said that Marsala wine lasts forever!

And what about an already opened bottle of Marsala? Well, that, unfortunately, won’t last forever – however, you can still expect it to stay good for something around three years in most cases!

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