Does Prosecco Go Bad? (All You Need to Know)

One may think that wines can last forever – since there is alcohol in there, it seems pretty logical. But is that the case? Well, let’s take a look at one of the most popular kinds of wine known as Prosecco:

Does Prosecco go bad? Yes, Prosecco goes bad, however, it takes quite some time before it happens – an adequately stored bottle of Prosecco will last up to 3 years. To be entirely sure that it’s indeed still safe, though, Prosecco should be consumed within a year.

This was just a quick answer, though. Hence, a more in-depth look is undoubtedly needed if we actually want to understand this topic.

So without any further hesitation, let’s get into it!

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Does Prosecco go bad if unopened?

Yes, Prosseco goes bad if unopened, but it doesn’t happen quickly – when properly stored at some dark and chilly place, an unopened bottle of Prosecco will last for up to three years since bottling.

And in fact, not even after this time does the Prosecco turn bad in the traditional way after this time – rather than becoming dangerous to consume, Prosecco starts to lose its signature flavor and carbonation.

Does opened Prosecco go bad?

Yes, opened Prosecco goes bad. And as you’ve probably guessed, it happens much faster than it would with an unopened bottle. Your opened Prosecco will last for only something around five days, and you should keep it in the fridge throughout the whole time.

How long does Prosecco last?

As we have explained above, there is a crucial difference between opened and unopened bottles when talking about Prosecco’s ability not to turn bad. So let’s now compare these two head by head:

Unopened Prosecco

When stored properly, unopened Prosecco lasts even as long as three years in most cases! With that being said, though, it should be consumed within a year to be entirely safe that it’s still good to go.

Opened Prosecco

But the situation changes rapidly when we’re talking about an opened bottle of Prosecco – even when appropriately stored in the fridge, opened Prosecco lasts for only about five days.

If you have a higher-quality Prosecco, you can expect it to last for up to ten days in some cases, however, even expensive Prosecco should always be thrown out after a longer time.

How to store Prosecco before opening?

Just like pretty much every other wine, Prosecco should always be kept in some dark and chilly environment. Therefore, the best way to store Prosecco before opening it is by putting it into the closet.

You might also be thinking about putting it into the fridge, however, that unfortunately isn’t an option – the environment of the refrigerator isn’t really the best for your Prosecco and would make an unopened bottle of it turn bad too fast.

How to store Prosecco once opened?

But this changes when we’re talking about an already opened bottle of Prosecco – the best way to store Prosecco once opened is undoubtedly to put it into the fridge because the cold air slows down the release of gas bubbles. 

You can also think about getting a wine stopper, which will furthermore slow this process; however, you have to make sure you’re getting the one specifically designed for sparkling wines.

What happens if you drink old Prosecco?

Believe it or not, nothing really happens when you drink old Prosecco – although old Prosecco can make you sick, it’s pretty improbable. That’s because it contains alcohol, and alcohol is a very bad environment for bacteria to grow. Therefore, old Prosecco will most likely just taste hideous but won’t affect your health in any way.

Can old Prosecco make you sick?

No, old Prosecco cannot make you sick, at least in most cases. Since Prosecco contains alcohol, it is doubtful that you will get sick from drinking an old bottle of it. However, there’s still a tiny chance it can happen, and additionally, it is ensured that old Prosecco will taste horrible, so we still recommend you throw it out.


Like any other wine, Prosecco doesn’t go bad in the traditional way. Since it contains alcohol, it is nearly impossible for bacteria to grow in it, meaning Prosecco (at least usually) doesn’t become dangerous to consume over time.

But with that in mind, it is crucial to point out that Prosecco still loses its quality after some time – after something like three years, Prosecco starts to lose its taste and gas bubbles as well, so you’d better consume it within this time.

And it can happen even faster if you don’t store the Prosecco properly – you should always keep it in a dark and chilly place, but until you open it, you have to keep it away from the fridge. On the contrary, then you have to refrigerate it all the time and consume it within a week.

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