Carrot and onion salad

Raw onions are healthy and some people may actually enjoy the taste on its own. For those who don’t, I have prepared this simple recipe for quick, but awesomely awesome salad.

Carrot and onion saladPin

Preparation time: 20 minutes

  • 1 organic onion (it can be yellow or red)
  • 8 organic carrots
  • 1/4 cup (62.5ml) of organic hemp seeds
  • 1/4 cup (62.5ml) of organic raisins
  • 3 tbsp. (45ml) of olive oil+more to cover your onions (about 3-4 tbsp.)
  • 2 tbsp. (30ml) of organic cider vinegar
  • Salt and pepper
  1. Thinly slice your onion and put them on a plate. Cover them with oil and sprinkle with salt. Set them aside for about 15 minutes. This will help to get rid of the strong taste. My kids appreciate onions like that.
  2. In the meantime, grate your carrots and put them in a salad bowl.
  3. Add in the hemp seeds, the raisins, the olive oil, the vinegar, some salt and pepper.
  4. Stir in the onions and let your salad marinate for 5 minutes or more before serving.

As I always do, I asked my readers to take part, maybe tell me what they think about my recipes and give me some tips, as well. What do they think of this one? Do they like it, did they make someone important to them happy with it? Did it help them save some time? Simply, what do our readers say about this recipe? Here it comes:

“This recipe is also really good for making big batches for eating all week, because the taste gets even better after a day or so. I just take out what I need for dinner that night, and then re-jar the rest to use for lunch the next day. We have it with organic brown rice.”

“I also added black beans to it to make it a little more filling.”

“I’ve made this twice already. For some reason, my kids are crazy about this salad. Even my 3 year old daughter eats this one! It’s definitely a keeper.”

“My cousins like it very much. It is taken to my sister, she has an operation and will be away from home for a long time. I am happy we live in the same county and we can share recipes”

“I like the salad but I think it needs a little more vinegar to go with the original taste of onions and carrots.”

“I like this recipe. It was easy to make and taste great.”

“It needs vinegrette dressing, butter and some salt and pepper ….. But overall it’s good.”

“Very tasty!”

“It didn’t look as appetizing as other lovely salads, so I decided to eat it as a “topping”.”

“This recipe is absolutely the best onion/carrot salad I’ve ever had. It’s so healthy, tasty, and filling. I will always keep this one in my recipe book.”

“I love this recipe! It is very simple to put together for a weeknight dinner and it tastes great!”

“This salad is amazing AND it is super easy to make. My family loves it & asks for it all the time.”

“The most unique salad that doesn’t use any mayonnaise or condensed mayonnaise. It has a nice crunchy texture, full of flavour.”

And a little note before I will finally say goodbye to y’all: You’re 1 000, no 1 000 000, no 1 000 000 000 times more awesome and nice and excellent than every recipe here. Love you, love you all!

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