Tired of Boring Breakfasts? Try These 5 Fun Ideas

While I was picking my favorite bread recipes, I found out a lot of them were meant to be used for breakfast. And that made me realize how freaking much I love breakfasts!

Therefore, I thought it is the time to remind you of some of my old recipes that are sure to make your breakfasts more interesting! These five recipes I chose to highlight this time are all really different, but they have some things in common.

They’re not only awesome for any kind of breakfast, they’re also healthy, tasty and easy to make at the same time! So without any further ado, let’s jump right into this list, shall we?

  1. Mini breakfast breads

Mini breakfast breads are small, dense, and crescent shaped loaves with a golden crust. They can be made with different flours to include wholewheat flour in the dough. For example, this recipe of mine uses 4 types of wheat. And a lot of other ingredients as well.

The result is definitely worth it, though, and it doesn’t make those mini breakfast breads hard to make.

So don’t hesitate and try it – I am sure it will make your morning much better.

  1. Chocolate nut spread

A chocolate nut spread is usually made of hazelnuts, cocoa powder, sugar, and melted butter, but as you’ve probably guessed, this is no ordinary recipe. I was actually inspired by my grandma’s one while making this and I think the result is absolutely incredible. 

Believe me, you must definitely try it, and not only for breakfast. Quite the contrary, I am nearly sure that you will be eating it throughout the whole day after you take the first bite in the morning!

  1. Blueberry and chocolate pancakes

Blueberry and chocolate pancakes are one of the most delicious breakfast meal you can find – and one of the most common, as well. But don’t worry, with this recipe you can make them in a little bit different way.

A way that is not only as delicious, energetic, and simply awesome as the normal ones, but also much healthier. And, I believe, easier to make as well. So check this recipe out – it does take quite a lot of ingredients, but once again, it is worth what you’ll get from it. 

  1. Chocolate granola cereal

This awesome and simple recipe is probably the absolute favorite of mine from this list, and that is probably because of the fact that you will most likely find all of the ingredients needed at your home.

And if not, there is absolutely no problem at all with modifying this recipe a bit. That makes you don’t even need to worry if you want to do that so that it’ll match your taste better.

  1. My “fruit salad” muffins

This recipe is quite funny and I remember making these muffins just like it was yesterday – my daughter was making these with me actually and I think she even came up with the name. What I don’t remember, though, is how they tasted – never got a chance to eat one of them, huh. But I think that is a good sign 😉

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