How Long Do Fried Eggs Last in the Fridge? (Explained)

When you wake up late and have the time just to make something quick for breakfast, the choice will more than likely be fried eggs – you literally just crack the eggs, put them on a pan, and in a few minutes, you have your breakfast ready!

Afterward, you may come across a different problem when you’re in a hurry, though – not having enough time to eat all of the fried eggs you made. Therefore, you probably want to store those eggs somehow, and that may leave you wondering:

How long do fried eggs last in the fridge? In the fridge, fried eggs will last eatable for up to three days. However, storing already cooked eggs in the fridge isn’t recommended since it will mess with their texture and flavor.

This is just a very brief answer, though, and to understand everything needed to know about storing fried eggs in the fridge, we will need to dive deeper into this topic.

So without any further ado, let’s do it, shall we?

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Can you refrigerate fried eggs?

Yes, you can refrigerate fried eggs, and you will expand their life span a lot by doing so – without refrigeration, fried eggs will turn bad in a matter of hours, but in the fridge, they can stay eatable for even as long as 72 hours.

With that being said, though, refrigerating fried (or cooked in any other way, for that matter) eggs is usually looked upon because it will worsen their texture and flavor.

Therefore, it is always wiser to make just the right amount of eggs, and leave the rest raw, so that you will be able to enjoy it the best when you want to eat it as well.

Do refrigerated fried eggs go bad?

Just like with any other food, not even eggs are safe from turning rancid just because you put them into your refrigerator.

So although fried eggs will stay eatable for much longer if refrigerated, they can still go bad even in the fridge.

How long do fried eggs last in the fridge?

So by how much does refrigerate your eggs increase their life span? By a lot, because at room temperature, your eggs will turn bad after less than two hours. 

On the contrary, you can expect them to last for even as long as three days when they’re refrigerated, although this time might be a bit shorter in some cases.

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Can fried eggs be reheated?

But there may be an even more important thing about storing food in the fridge than the fact for how long will it stay good in there, and that’s whether or not you can reheat that food.

If it weren’t possible with a certain product, storing it in the fridge would be pointless. So how is it with fried eggs?

Complicated, to say at least, which is mainly due to the yolk. So although fried eggs can be reheated without a doubt, there is a reasonably high chance that it will mess up their texture and flavor.

How to reheat fried eggs?

As we have just explained above, reheating fried eggs is possible, but it is very likely to mess up their properties. So how should you reheat them to minimalize the chance of that happening?

The best way to reheat your fried eggs would be by slowly frying them on a pan again until they look as though they were fried just a second ago. However, this is not the quickest way.

So if you’re willing to risk that your eggs will be even more screwed up than they already are because of the refrigerating, you can put them into the microwave. Reheating fried eggs using a microwave shouldn’t take more than half a minute.


Fried eggs are one of the most common choices for breakfast. Because of the relatively quick and easy way they’re prepared is especially true when we’re talking about breakfasts prepared in a hurry.

But due to that, it is more than plausible that you will someday make yourself more eggs than you have the time to eat. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that, because fried eggs can be stored in the fridge.

Later, you’ll just have to reheat them, but then you can enjoy them still the same. Just be prepared that they will probably taste and look a bit weird because this whole process of refrigerating and reheating cooked eggs usually messes up with their taste and texture.


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