How Long Can Egg McMuffin Sit Out? (Is It Safe? Explained!)

Let’s face it; when you’re buying some McDonald’s, you’ll rarely end with some leftovers – the most of us would rather die of overeating than not finish some of that delicious junk food. With that being said, though, it still happens sometimes. 

And that’s especially true for breakfasts because only a few of us are actually hungry in the morning. Therefore, you may be wondering whether you can save that food for later.

So for how long can egg McMuffin sit out? Egg McMuffin can sit out for two hours. According to the FDA, after more than two hours at room temperature, you should rather not eat it, just like any other food from McDonald’s.

This is hardly everything we can say about storing egg McMuffins, though. So, in this article, we will look into this much more closely.

What are we waiting for then? Let’s just get started!

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Do egg McMuffins go bad?

Yes, McMuffins go bad because they’re made to be eaten as fast as possible, just like any other fast-food meal. With that being said, though, you don’t have to be worried about eating them after an hour or so.

How long can you leave an egg McMuffin out?

That’s because egg McMuffins (and every other food from McDonald’s, too, for that matter) are made so that it would be safe to eat them even after two hours.

Therefore, you can leave an egg McMuffin out for as long as two hours. After that time passes, though, you rather shouldn’t touch it anymore. Why? We’re going to explain that in the following answer!

What happens if the egg McMuffins sits out for too long?

So what is the problem with egg McMuffins? Well, when the egg McMuffins sit out for too long, they start to turn rancid pretty quickly. 

After the already mentioned two hours, you can expect them to start to smell and look weirdly, which means they started to spoil.

Can you refrigerate egg McMuffin?

But with that in mind, you don’t necessarily have to throw out your egg McMuffin if you think you won’t be able to eat it in time. That’s because you can, in fact, prolong its shelf life by putting it into the fridge!

So yes, you can refrigerate egg McMuffin, and you can then expect it to last for something like three days. But to be fair, by doing just that, you won’t keep it in the best shape.

How to keep the egg McMuffin as fresh as possible?

So what you should you do? To keep the egg McMuffin as fresh as possible, you first have to seal it into an airtight container tightly. And this is is it, after that you just have to put the egg McMuffin into your fridge.

And if you want to store your egg McMuffins for even longer, instead of putting them into your fridge, you can consider freezing them. That way, they can stay eatable for even a few months.

But remember that although they’ll stay eatable, egg McMuffins that were frozen won’t be much tasty anymore.


Egg McMuffins are a signature breakfast item in McDonald’s, but you can save them for lunch, too – that’s because, at room temperature, Egg McMuffins start to turn bad only after two hours.

And if you put them into the fridge, you can save them even for dinner – when refrigerated, Egg McMuffins will last even as long as three or four days!



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