Does Garlic Make You Poop and Cause Diarrhea? (Explained!)

Garlic is probably the most used spice ingredient in the world. It almost always goes with anything, and its aroma enhances all dishes and food to a whole new level. However, when consumption of such starts affecting your digestive health, you may ask:

Does garlic make you poop and cause diarrhea? Yes, garlic makes you poop and causes diarrhea. This is because garlic promotes digestion and helps eliminate waste and toxins, making you poop. However, it can also lead to diarrhea and other digestive issues when excessively consumed. Thus, it would be best if you ate garlic in moderation.

Since garlic is a well-known spice used almost everywhere, you need to know how it affects your digestion, especially if you love eating such. In general, disregarding this information may lead you to some health risks. Thus, it would be best if you learned more about it.

In this article, you’ll see our in-depth take on garlic and its potential benefits and risks to our digestion. If you want to enjoy garlic but don’t understand the risks involved, this article is for you. Here, you’ll understand more about this spice and learn how you can enjoy it without compromising your health.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Does garlic make you poop?

Yes, garlic makes you poop. This is because garlic reduces inflammation, promoting digestion by eliminating waste and toxins in the body. Therefore, eating such foods will make you poop and flush out any waste in your body.

Does garlic cause diarrhea?

Yes, garlic causes diarrhea. Garlic lowers inflammation and facilitates digestion, and removes toxins and waste. Excessive consumption can, however, lead to diarrhea. As a result, you should consume garlic in moderation and only in small amounts.

Is it normal when garlic makes you poop?

Yes, it’s normal when garlic makes you poop. It stimulates bowel movement and makes you poop because it is a natural remedy and antioxidant. Since garlic has no adverse effects on our digestive system, there is no need to worry about eating garlic.

Is it normal when garlic gives you diarrhea?

Yes, it is normal when garlic gives you diarrhea. Garlic helps regulate bowel movements, but it can cause diarrhea due to its antioxidant properties. You might be experiencing diarrhea for other reasons if you eat garlic afterward.

Why does garlic make me poop?

Garlic makes you poop because of its antioxidant properties. These antioxidants have an anti-inflammatory effect on the digestion system as a whole. Thus, it helps relieve constipation and helps you poop. 

Why does garlic give me diarrhea?

Garlic gives you diarrhea because of its anti-inflammatory capacity. Nonetheless, it rarely happens since eating small amounts of garlic will not cause diarrhea. On top of that, garlic contains other nutrients that can help relieve such digestive problems.

What to do if garlic makes you poop?

When you consume garlic, which makes you poop, you should not do so unless you are constipated. This is because the anti-inflammatory properties of garlic can regulate bowel movements. Hence, it can help you if you are having trouble pooping. In any case, if excessive pooping becomes bothersome to you, you should stop eating garlic until you feel better.

What to do if garlic gives you diarrhea?

The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic might cause diarrhea, so you should stop eating it to prevent this from happening again. In addition, the consumption of garlic in excessive amounts can cause diarrhea, even though it is usually consumed in small amounts. Consequently, it would be best if you stopped eating such foods until your diarrhea subsides.

How fast does garlic make you poop?

It takes only a couple of hours for garlic to make you poop. Since it’s a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it should promote digestion and promote bowel movements within a couple of hours. If you continue to moderate, it will help to avoid further problems. 

Does garlic help with constipation?

Yes, garlic helps with constipation. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help regulate bowel movements, so garlic helps with constipation. Moreover, garlic’s components help you poop more quickly because they stimulate bowel movements.

Does garlic make your poop smell?

No, garlic doesn’t make your poop smell. If you eat garlic, you won’t vomit foul-smelling poop even though it has a strong smell. Therefore, you do not have to worry about this if you want to eat garlic. You should, however, be aware that garlic can affect your breath.

Frequently asked questions

The following questions may arise in your mind regarding garlic and its effects on digestion. You might find the information below helpful.

Does garlic change stool color?

No, garlic doesn’t change stool color. Nevertheless, it can only do so when it causes diarrhea, a rare occurrence. Among its many benefits, garlic acts as a natural antioxidant that improves digestion while flushing waste. Nevertheless, if it causes diarrhea, your poop may appear green. 

Do lots of garlic make you poop more?

Yes, lots of garlic make you poop more. Garlic enhances digestion because of its toxic-secretion properties, so you have more volume in your stool when you eat more of it. The result is that it can lead to more poop and better digestion.

Is garlic a natural laxative?

Yes, garlic is a natural laxative. Garlic is also an antioxidant. Furthermore, it improves digestion and bowel movement by reducing inflammation. As a result, eating such food can help relieve constipation and facilitate bowel movements.

Does garlic make your poop green?

Yes, garlic can make your poop green. If you have diarrhea, it usually occurs. When we suffer from diarrhea, our digestive system flushes food out without thoroughly digesting it. Thus, eating garlic may cause you to urinate with hues of green since it retains the green color of some of your food.

Does garlic make your poop black?

No, garlic does not make your poop black. There is no evidence that garlic makes your poop black, although it may eliminate toxins and wastes from your body. When you poop black, you might want to consider other foods you eat.

Does garlic make your poop dark?

No, garlic does not make your poop dark. Although some people who eat garlic experience some effects in their digestion, it does not result in darker shades of poop. In most cases, it will lead to diarrhea and poop with green hues, but it won’t make your poop darker.

Does garlic make your poop burn?

No, garlic does not make your poop burn. Although garlic is a natural spice, it’s not spicy enough to pass through your digestive tract and retain the spice. Thus, it won’t cause any burning sensation when you poop.

Does raw garlic make you poop?

Yes, raw garlic makes you poop. However, it’s not ideal for eating raw garlic since it’s not ideal to consume raw since it gives a deeper flavor. While it’s safe to do so, you probably won’t like the scent and flavor of raw garlic.


In a nutshell, garlic makes you poop and causes diarrhea. In addition to promoting digestion, garlic eliminates waste and toxins, making you poop more easily. In addition, excessive consumption can contribute to diarrhea and digestive issues. Therefore, you should consume garlic in moderation.

If you love eating garlic, you need to know how it affects your digestion since it is one of the most widely used spices. If you disregard this information, your health may be at risk. Therefore, you must remember the topics we covered since they can help you with your concern.



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