Do Mushrooms Cause Gas and Bloating? (All You Need to Know)

While having gas may be embarrassing, the truth is that everyone has it. Gas is a natural byproduct of digestion. Although the amount varies from person to person, no one is exempt. While gas and bloat are regular, they can still make people uncomfortable, especially when eating something. Thus, if you plan on eating mushrooms, you may ask:

Do mushrooms cause gas and bloating? Yes, mushrooms cause gas and bloating. This is because this food contains sugars that are not easily digested. As such, mushroom consumption can cause gas since the small intestine can’t digest the sugar content, resulting in fermentation in the large intestine. This process produces gas from the intestines.

While many people favor mushrooms, it goes without saying that they cause gas when consumed in large amounts. For this reason, you should always consider eating it slowly and in small amounts to make sure you avoid excessive gas and bloating.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all the things you need to know about mushrooms and their gas and bloating effects. This way, you can know how to prepare to reduce the gas and bloat you can suffer from eating such. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Do mushrooms cause gas?

Yes, mushrooms cause gas. This is because mushrooms have a group of sugar in them that your body can’t digest in the small intestine. For this reason, it goes through the large intestine and ferments causing gastrointestinal issues or gas. 

In short, mushroom consumption, especially in large amounts, can cause gas. Further, mushrooms contain a small amount of fiber, and while it can be healthy for digestion, it can also cause problems when consumed in excess.

Now, the thing about mushrooms is that they are rich in water and attract water when digested. It also adds up to the cause of gas and bloat.

In short, please take it as a rule of thumb to only consume mushrooms in small amounts. Also, you should chew your mushrooms thoroughly to help your digestion. This way, you can reduce the gas production in your system and prevent complications.

Do mushrooms cause gas in babies?

Mushrooms cause gas in babies, especially since they have a small and weak digestive system. Thus, it’s something to keep in mind if you plan on feeding some mushrooms to your child.

The best thing to remember is that mushroom consumption for babies should only be in the tiniest amounts. Also, you should always note that babies have sensitive tummies, so be sure whatever you feed is safe to avoid complications from happening.

Do mushrooms cause smelly gas?

Yes, mushrooms can cause smelly gas. In addition, mushrooms may have a bad odor if taken in large quantities since the digestive system cannot simply break down such fungi.

Consequently, you should restrict your mushroom intake to prevent an upset tummy. Moreover, chewing your food correctly will make it easier to absorb, quicker, and much more accessible.

Do mushrooms cause gas pains?

You may have gas pain if you consume mushrooms in large quantities and swallow them quickly. This is due to the presence of sugar and fiber in mushrooms and other fungi, which can create gas when consumed quickly and in high quantities.

To avoid this, consume mushrooms in modest amounts and chew them well to ensure appropriate digestion.

Do mushrooms cause bloating and flatulence?

Without question, mushrooms cause bloating and flatulence. The high sugar or mannitol content in mushrooms causes bloating and gas. You can find these types of sugars in various foods, including mushrooms.

They also contain soluble fiber, which does not degrade until it reaches the small intestine, causing gastrointestinal bloat and gas.

How to prevent gas when eating mushrooms?

If you eat mushrooms, make sure you eat them in moderation to avoid gas. You can alternatively stir-fry the mushrooms if you want.

Mushrooms are best consumed in tiny amounts, or add them to your salad if you enjoy them. Sip some water mixed with ajwain or pudina leaves and black salt to reduce stomach discomfort while eating mushrooms.

How to get rid of gas after eating mushrooms?

Consuming mushrooms in tiny doses acclimates your digestive system to break them down, reducing the gas-producing effects.

To combat gas-producing mushrooms, drink ajwain with water or eat pudina leaves with black salt.

Why do mushrooms give you gas?

Mushrooms produce gas due to the presence of fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols.

These food groups are easily digested and absorbed since naturally present in the intestinal tract.

Fermented foods can cause gas, bloating, stomach pain, and stool irregularities, especially in people who are sensitive to these types of meals.

How do you make mushrooms less gassy?

To make mushrooms less gassy, consume them in tiny portions and chew them carefully to aid your digestive system.

Do mushrooms make you fart?

Mushrooms, indeed, cause you to fart. Because mushrooms contain carbohydrates that the small intestine finds challenging to digest, they travel into the large intestine and ferment, resulting in the gas you fart.

If you notice that you’re constantly farting after eating mushrooms, you have two options: eat fewer mushrooms or switch to lower-FODMAP fungus-like oyster mushrooms.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some often asked questions about how mushrooms cause gas and bloating and how to avoid them. In addition, we’ve included some information for you to peruse and see if you can find anything relevant.

Do shiitake mushrooms cause gas?

Shiitake mushrooms cause gas. These well-known mushrooms can make you feel a little wacky. Mannitol, another natural sugar, is to blame. It can cause flatulence and, if consumed in excess, can function as a mild laxative.

Do sauteed mushrooms cause gas?

Yes, sauteed mushrooms cause gas. This is because sauteed mushrooms still contain a type of sugar that your system cannot digest in the small intestine. As a result, it passes through the large intestine and ferments, creating gastrointestinal problems or gas.

Do reishi mushrooms cause gas?

Yes, reishi mushrooms cause gas. Reishi mushrooms also contain sugar that the digestive tract cannot process. Consequently, it ferments in the intestinal tract, causing gastrointestinal issues or gas.

Do fried mushrooms cause gas?

Yes, even fried mushrooms cause gas. Fried mushrooms also contain a type of sugar that the digestive tract cannot break down. As a result, it ferments in the intestine, creating gastrointestinal problems or gas.


Mushrooms, in a nutshell, produce gas and bloating. This is because this food contains sugars that are difficult to digest. As a result, eating mushrooms might induce gas because the small intestine cannot digest the sugar content, leading to fermentation in the large intestine. The intestines create gas as a result of this process.

Although many individuals enjoy mushrooms, it is no surprise that they create flatulence when ingested in large quantities. As a result, you should always consider eating it carefully and in relatively small amounts to prevent additional digestive problems.



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