Why Am I Craving Honey? [And What to Do? Explained!]

Honey is one of our favorite sweeteners, and it’s usually present in every kitchen and household. We enjoy it as part of dishes and even as a sweetener to our drinks. However, since we don’t usually enjoy honey on its own, you may wonder what it means when you crave such. So, you may ask:

Why am I craving honey? If you’re craving honey, it’s likely because your body seeks sugar through it. Thus, honey cravings often occur to people who experience imbalances in blood sugar, hunger, and stress or emotional breakdowns. Also, it can be a sign of an underlying nutrient deficiency.

Honey cravings are simple to satisfy, especially when you have a jar of honey at hand. However, it would also be best first to understand what causes such a craving to make sure you know what’s happening to your body and address your craving without compromising your health.

In this article, you’ll see our in-depth take on honey cravings along with the causes and effects of such. This way, you can better understand your cravings and know how to deal with them safely.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Why do I crave honey?

What does it mean when you are craving honey? When you’re craving honey, it’s probably due to blood sugar fluctuations, hunger, or stress. We will look at each of them to better understand your cravings.

Blood Sugar Fluctuations

There is a possibility of craving honey due to fluctuating blood sugar levels. If you are constantly craving honey, it might be because of an imbalance in your blood sugar levels caused by sugary honey.

Your blood sugar spikes whenever you consume sugar, and your body releases insulin to bring it down to a safe level. This is because your body craves foods that raise your blood sugar level and increase your energy level if insulin causes your blood sugar to drop too low, as it often does.

As a result, it would be best if you indulge in a piece of honey to satisfy your cravings. By doing so, you can satisfy your cravings while getting the necessary sugar. 

Despite this, make sure you prevent yourself from eating more sugar than you should when you indulge in such a craving.


It is possible that the craving for honey is also caused by hunger. It is because you have a mechanism in your body that seeks carbohydrates in sweets, such as sugar, when hungry.

When you consume these types of carbohydrates, you will feel full faster. Nevertheless, its effects fade much faster than traditional carbohydrates because it is a fast carbohydrate.

As a result, by eating honey, you will be able to satisfy your cravings that are caused by hunger. However, this hunger will indeed return in a short time because honey contains fast carbohydrates.

In such a case, if you eat another nutritious food packed with nutrients, you will feel fuller and will feel happier for longer. 


Honey cravings may also be caused by stress. Honey contains a lot of sugar, which can boost a person’s spirits when in a bad mood. 

A honey craving is caused by stress, and while you can give in to it, you should also try to control it.

With a bit of honey, you can satisfy your cravings and lift your mood. For this reason, it is essential always to keep a watchful eye on your eating habits. It is possible to compromise an individual’s health by consuming too much honey.

Why am I craving honey all of a sudden?

If you are hungry and your body is seeking quick carbohydrates from the sugar in honey, you may suddenly crave honey.

It is not hard to understand why you crave honey since it means you’re hungry most of the time. Our bodies crave fast carbs, such as refined sugars, high in calories in times of hunger. 

In general, processed honey has a high glycemic index, so you get a quick but temporary sugar rush when you consume it.

Honey, especially in large quantities, is not a good choice for satisfying your cravings. As an alternative, instead of consuming other unhealthy foods, you should eat other nutritious foods and fill up on them to avoid further complications.

Why am I craving honey all the time?

Sugar imbalances or sugar fluctuations in your body are likely the reason why you crave honey all the time. Likewise, the presence of glucose in honey may cause you to crave honey if your blood sugar levels fluctuate.

Also, if you don’t consume enough zinc, you may find yourself craving honey if you don’t consume enough of it. Generally, zinc is regarded as a mineral associated with the hormones that control our appetite, and it affects those hormones as well.

In summary, you can satisfy your craving for fat by eating other healthy foods packed with healthy fats. As a result, you will avoid eating too much honey, which is not suitable for you.

How to stop craving honey?

When you find healthier alternatives and choose them instead of honey, you will be less likely to crave them. 

If you want to satisfy your craving for honey, you should try something else instead. When you are not hungry, the intrusive thoughts about honey will subside. It is advisable to include high-protein, whole-grain foods with low sugar content in your diet instead. Eating this type of food will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

As long as you do not overdo it, you can satisfy your cravings as usual. To put it another way, after you’ve had a taste of honey, you can look for healthier alternatives and eat them instead.

What to eat when craving honey?

When craving honey, you should eat something that contains healthy fats, something that will ease sugar cravings. As a result, you can eat nutritious foods while avoiding the harm caused by eating too much sugar.

Eat healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, and avocados. Moreover, eat a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 

Furthermore, you may also want to try organic nut butter that does not add sugar. Last but not least, if you’re a sweet tooth, you can satisfy your craving with organic fruits, low-fat yogurt, and fruit smoothies.

Choosing healthier, more nutritional food is always advisable rather than giving in to your cravings and consuming too much honey.

Craving honey during pregnancy

Why are you craving honey when pregnant? There is a possibility that you are not getting enough nutrients from your diet during pregnancy. This is called a nutrient deficiency.

During pregnancy, the body needs more nutrients because the baby is also absorbing nutrients from the mother at the same time. Your body might crave honey due to the fluctuations in its sugar levels. Since honey contains a lot of sugar, your body might crave honey.

It is an excellent idea to enjoy a spoon or two of honey, but you should also take supplements or eat healthy foods packed with B vitamins.

Craving honey before period

Why are you craving honey before your period? Before your period, you might find that you are craving honey due to hormonal changes in your body.

In the weeks leading up to a woman’s period, estrogen levels and progesterone levels fluctuate, causing her to crave sweet and high-carb foods.

As a result, it is normal for you to crave honey when you are on your period. However, you need to keep in mind not to put too much honey on your skin. I think that as long as you control your cravings for honey, you can indulge in small amounts without having to worry too much.

Craving honey on period

Why are you craving honey when you are on your period? You may crave honey during your period due to the hormones that cause various emotional symptoms.

It has been suggested that a hormone released during emotional arousal is responsible for multiple symptoms of emotional arousal. During PMS, women’s appetites and cravings are affected because more cortisol is released throughout the body. Stress hormones are responsible for raising cravings for sweet foods, which explains why honey is so craved by people experiencing stress.

It is perfectly normal to crave honey and other sweets when you are on your period. However, you should avoid eating too many sweets, as they may not alleviate your menstrual cramps.

Craving honey at night

Why are you craving honey at night? The reason is that you are hungry at night, which is why you crave honey. It’s typical to experience, especially if you don’t eat enough.

When you crave honey, sometimes it’s because you’re hungry. A hungry person craves refined sugars like those found in refined sugars when hungry. But, generally speaking, the consumption of most processed honey can cause a short sugar rush because of its high glycemic index.

The most common reason you crave honey at night is that you haven’t eaten enough during the day. In any case, honey and sweets are not suitable for a good night’s sleep, and you should therefore refrain from giving in to your cravings.

Craving honey when sick

Why are you craving honey when you are sick? If you are ill, you may be deficient in vitamins and minerals, which explains why you crave honey when you are sick. Nevertheless, you may also crave them if you like them because they are comforting.

Even though you might enjoy eating them, honey contains immune-suppressive sugars and fats that can affect your health. Instead, try smoothies made of fruits and vegetables instead of sweets or fruit juice popsicles rich in vitamins and hydrating.

Can you have a honey addiction?

You can indeed become addicted to honey, which isn’t good for your health. Because of this, you should avoid honey at all costs to avoid any complications.

It is important to note that carbohydrate-rich foods, such as honey or other sugary sweets, can cause addiction-like cravings. They also affect your blood sugar levels and hormone levels, similar to other addictive substances. Furthermore, the dopamine levels in your body are also affected by them.

If you have a craving for honey, you should always be cautious when you indulge in it. You can consume too much sugar if you ignore it, which is not suitable for your health.

Is craving honey a sign of pregnancy?

Honey is one of the most common foods pregnant women crave, but cravings for honey are not a sign that you are pregnant.

The high sugar content of honey may cause pregnant women who crave honey to be deficient in a particular vitamin. In addition, honey is very high in sugar, so you must eat small portions of them not to gain weight.

Although you may crave honey, it is difficult to tell whether you are pregnant merely based on that craving, especially since cravings for honey can also happen to non-pregnant people. There is no way to be sure unless you take a test or consult a doctor.

Can you eat too much honey?

It is possible to consume too much honey, which can harm the individual’s health. A general rule for honey is that it is a tasty treat, but it is also high in sugar, dangerous if consumed in excess.

Too much honey can also cause gastrointestinal discomfort since caffeine is an acidic compound. Acidic foods cause heartburn, acid reflux, and inflamed stomach ulcers in some people.

It is always a good idea to control your honey cravings, as they can hurt your overall health and even cause complications.

Frequently asked questions

We researched to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about honey cravings. Please take a look at these answers to learn more about your concerns.

What does craving honey mean emotionally?

The fact is that stress can cause you to crave sweet foods, which is why honey is a great stress reliever. By consuming honey, you can lower your stress levels because dopamine is released into your brain when you consume honey. So when people feel stressed, reassured, or comforted, they tend to crave honey.

Even though honey can lift your spirits and help you cope with stress, that doesn’t mean that you should eat it without restraint when you are under stress. 

It is worth noting that honey consumption can lead to health complications, so give in to your cravings while keeping your consumption moderate.

What deficiency causes you to crave honey?

An imbalance in sugar likely causes honey cravings. Honey has a sweet taste, causing cravings. As a result, when you crave honey, you probably crave glucose as well. 

If you want to avoid honey, find alternatives. Although you might be able to eat a piece or two, you shouldn’t overindulge.

If you maintain a healthy diet and avoid consuming too much sugar, you will avoid further health problems.


As a result, honey cravings are caused by a variety of factors. You may be craving honey because your body is seeking sugar in it. People who experience imbalances in blood sugar, hunger, and stress or emotional breakdowns are more likely to crave honey. Moreover, it can also be a sign of an underlying nutritional deficiency.

If you have a jar of honey on hand, you will have no problem satisfying your honey cravings. In addition, it would also be wise to investigate what causes such cravings in the first place to make sure you know what’s happening to your body and can address your craving without compromising your health.



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