Why Am I Craving Eggs? [And What to Do? Explained!]

Eggs are one of the most widely consumed foods in the world. There are many delicious ways and recipes to enjoy it, and it appears in many different cuisines. Overall, it is nutrient-dense and flavorful, which is why people crave it. Still, you may ask:

Why am I craving eggs? When you crave eggs, you are likely deficient in protein or another nutrient. In addition, many people find eggs comforting because of their savory taste. Eggs can therefore also help lift your mood. 

Although several factors can cause egg cravings, you must know why you crave the food. By understanding how your body works, you can deal with any problems.

In this article, you’ll learn what causes egg cravings, as well as what might cause them. In addition, we will provide you with information to satisfy your cravings.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Why do I crave eggs?

What does it mean when you are craving eggs? One of these reasons may explain your craving for eggs. If you want to cope with your craving for eggs, knowing what causes you to crave them will be beneficial.

Let’s look at each one!

Protein or other nutrients are lacking in your diet.

Nutrient deficiency is among the many reasons you crave eggs. Since eggs are excellent protein sources, you can crave them if you lack them.

Eggs provide tremendous amounts of protein for our bodies, just like all other types of meat. In addition, eggs contain other vitamins and minerals our bodies require.

In short, your egg cravings may indicate you are deficient in protein or other nutrients. Therefore, the best way to satisfy your cravings is to eat some eggs in such situations.

By doing so, you can provide your body with enough protein and nutrients throughout the day. Furthermore, it will prevent you from suffering from nutrient deficiencies.

Hunger makes you want to eat.

Hunger is another reason for craving eggs. You may crave all kinds of food when you are hungry. As a result, it’s one of the cravings you’ll often experience if you like eggs.

Eggs can provide you with enough calories to feel full while supplying you with enough nutrients throughout the day, just like other types of meat.

In short, it would be ideal to eat a few eggs when you’re craving them. In this way, not only will you feel full, but you can also get the nutrients your body needs.

Eggs are your comfort food.

Many people consider eggs to be comfort food. However, you can use eggs in a wide variety of recipes and many different ways. Even if the cuisines are different, it is still a favorite staple. 

In short, craving eggs can be interpreted as a sign of an emotional reaction. You may experience emotional effects if eating eggs lifts your mood or relaxes you.

If you find that you have such a tendency, then giving in to your cravings may be viewed as a form of self-medication on your part. On the other hand, if you choose to eat eggs, it will help you relax and enjoy. Make sure, however, that you don’t overindulge so as not to affect your health and diet in any negative way.

Why am I craving eggs all of a sudden?

When you are craving eggs suddenly, you are likely lacking in protein or other nutrients found in eggs. 

In addition to providing us with an excellent amount of protein, eggs provide us with many vitamins. In addition to that, eggs provide us with other vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.

If you have egg cravings, it may signify you lack protein or other nutrients. The best thing to do would be to give in to your cravings and eat some eggs in such a case.

By doing so, you will get enough protein and nutrients throughout the day to sustain your body. As a result, you will prevent the effects of nutrient deficiencies from affecting your health as well.

Why am I craving eggs all the time?

When you constantly crave eggs, you are probably not getting enough protein and other nutrients from your diet.

An egg is a good source of protein, as well as vitamins and minerals necessary for your body. 

As a result, you should give in to your cravings to provide your body with protein and other nutrients.

In addition, you should try to add more protein-rich foods to your diet to avoid frequent egg cravings. 

How to stop craving eggs?

To stop craving eggs, you need to get enough nutrients from them. So it may be a good idea to eat some eggs to get over your cravings.

There are usually two reasons for cravings: a nutrient deficiency or a desire to experience the taste and texture of eggs. As a result, there is only one way to stop craving eggs – either by getting that nutrient through other food sources or by eating the egg itself when you are craving it.

What to eat when craving eggs?

Egg cravings are usually caused by a lack of protein in the body. Hence, if you urge to eat eggs, you are free to indulge in your craving. However, if you cannot access eggs or do not want to eat them, then there are always other options you can find. 

If you are experiencing cravings, be aware that nutrients may help you cope with the problem. Nevertheless, if you want to satisfy your mind and your body, you should eat some eggs.

Craving eggs during pregnancy

Why are you craving eggs when pregnant? When your body craves eggs during pregnancy, it’s because your body needs extra nutrition during this time. Eggs are a good source of protein and nutrients.

Pregnant women require an additional 300 calories per day than those who are not. Therefore, if you feel like you have a craving, you should satisfy it with a nutrient-rich dish. 

If you want to fulfill your cravings during pregnancy, the Mediterranean Diet consists of sweet foods like fruit, creamy foods like yogurt, and savory foods like eggs and other meat dishes.

As a result, your body will be healthier if you indulge in your cravings and eat some eggs regularly. In addition, it will also help you stay healthy during pregnancy.

Craving eggs before period

Why are you craving eggs before your period? If you crave eggs just before your period, it’s because you need the nutrients they offer. 

If you add eggs to your diet, you will get both iron and protein from them. So, in addition to keeping you satiated and complete throughout your period, protein also reduces cravings to make you eat.

The bottom line is that eating some eggs can benefit your health if you are willing to satisfy your cravings. You will also benefit from eating eggs during your period.

Craving eggs on period

Why are you craving eggs when you are on your period? When you crave eggs during your period, you need the nutrients they contain to get you through them.

You will obtain iron and protein from eggs in your diet. While on your period, protein helps keep you feeling full and satiated, curbing cravings.

Thus, you should give in to your cravings and eat some eggs. However, moderation is essential so as not to harm yourself.

Craving eggs at night

Why are you craving eggs at night? If you crave eggs at night, you probably want them to be salty. A new study has revealed that the circadian system increases the desire for sweet, starchy, and salty foods in the evening. 

When trying to lose weight, eating higher-calorie foods later may be counterproductive because the body processes nutrients differently during different times.

Craving eggs when sick

Why are you craving eggs when you are sick? When you’re ill, you probably need the nutrients eggs can provide. The protein in eggs will help you almost every time.

Eggs are the easiest and fastest dish to prepare when recovering from a cold or flu. Keep the yolks in since that’s where the vitamin D is found. Two eggs contain 160 IU of vitamin D. In addition, eggs contain zinc, which helps keep your immune system healthy.

When you are sick, you should feed your craving for eggs. However, it would be best to be cautious of how much you consume. You are fine so long as you keep it moderate.

Can you have an egg addiction?

It’s not likely for you to have an addiction to eggs. Still, you may eat more than the proper amount if you give in to your cravings, and that is not a good thing to happen.

While eggs are safe and nutritious for consumption, eating too many can also increase your cholesterol intake.

For this reason, you should always keep your egg consumption in moderation. This way, you can avoid having further problems arising.

Is craving eggs a sign of pregnancy?

It is not linked to pregnancy to have egg cravings. Numerous factors can trigger eggs cravings, including hormonal changes, stress, and boredom. You shouldn’t announce your pregnancy just because you’re craving eggs.

Take a pregnancy test under the supervision of your healthcare provider if you would like to be specific. A pregnancy test is the most reliable way to determine whether or not you are pregnant.

Can you eat too many eggs?

Yes, it is possible to eat too many eggs. There is no harm in eating eggs every day as they are an excellent source of nutrients and are incredibly healthy. However, this kind of diet may lead to a lack of other nutrients. 

Since different foods provide different nutrients, it is essential to mix up your diet, regardless of your food type. However, as a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to eat eggs in moderation and watch yourself to prevent overindulging. 

Frequently asked questions

The following are some answers to your frequently asked questions about egg cravings. Below, you will also find some helpful information.

What does craving eggs mean emotionally?

Generally speaking, egg cravings are triggered by emotional factors. So, in addition to helping you feel better, eggs may also help you feel better if you are depressed, stressed, or sad, which is a great way to improve your mood. In this way, cravings can be viewed as a form of self-medication. 

You can also benefit from satisfying your cravings on an emotional level. It is possible to indulge in your cravings while maintaining a healthy diet as long as you do so in moderation.

What deficiency causes you to crave eggs?

A protein deficiency usually causes an egg craving. If you are deficient in eggs, you must first identify what you are lacking, then obtain it more often. It is most likely a lack of protein that needs to be addressed.

In addition to having a high-calorie content, eggs are also high in protein. So if eggs make you crave protein, maybe you need them.

You can solve this problem by giving your cravings and eating some eggs. Alternatively, if eggs aren’t available or accessible in your area, you can find other protein-rich foods.

Craving eggs after covid

If you’re craving eggs after covid, you probably need more protein in your body to help you recover. Thus, it’s alright to give in to your craving since the egg is an excellent source. 

Eggs are one of the most accessible and excellent sources of protein. You can find it in local stores and even in all grocery stores. Thus, if you crave an egg after covid, you may want to give in to your cravings to have your protein needs filled up.

Since protein helps build the body, you’ll have no worries about your egg cravings and give in without compromising your health.

Why am I craving eggs when I’m vegan?

If you’re craving eggs when you’re vegan, it means you’re not getting enough protein in your body. Since protein is an essential nutrient in your body, you should be getting other alternatives to eggs. 

If you’re lacking in protein, you need to consider getting vegan alternatives to egg, which can also give you the protein you need.

In general, you can get your protein from vegan foods such as pulses, tofu, nuts and seeds, grains, quinoa, and other vegetables.


In a nutshell, egg cravings are usually the result of several factors. There is a possibility that nutrients are deficient or a lack of satisfaction. To address your cravings effectively, you must understand what is causing them, whichever they may be. 

When you handle these cravings in the right way, you will be able to satisfy your cravings without compromising your health.



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