Why Are Cashews So Expensive? (Top 3 Reasons Explained)

One of the most popular nuts that we enjoy eating is cashew. We can find these nuts at local grocery stores, and it’s something that we usually enjoy as snacks any time of the day. However, for some people, the price of cashews can be steep. So, you may ask:

Why are cashews so expensive? Cashews are so expensive due to several reasons. For instance, cashews are expensive since they are imported goods. Second, the manufacturing and processing of these nuts are dangerous. Lastly, there’s increased demand for these nuts over the years. 

While cashews have many factors that make them expensive, they’re still relatively affordable compared to other nuts. If you’re budget-conscious, you’ll want to understand the high price of cashews. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through all the things you need to know about cashews and the reasons behind their price. With such information, you can understand the value of these nuts and see if it’s worth buying depending on your preference.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Are cashews expensive?

Yes, cashews are expensive. However, if you compare them with other expensive nuts, you can see that they are relatively cheaper or more affordable.

In general, cashews can cost around $15 per pound when sold at retail in the US. So, of course, buying in bulks will help save you money. However, it will only be so when you need large amounts.

Cashews are expensive mainly because of the processing. Without such, cashews are dangerous to touch and even eat.

Why are cashews so expensive?

Here are three common reasons why cashews are so expensive. You can look below to understand the value of cashews and how they get their price.

Cashews are imported goods.

One of the reasons why cashews can get expensive is importation. Since cashews are not native nuts grown in the US, they get imported from other countries.

Such an importation can have an impact o the actual price since retailers and importers will add more fees to grow their profit.

Another thing is that since cashews only grow in tropical climates, it’s pretty challenging for the US to grow its cashew trees. So, in short, the importation adds up to the cost and makes cashews an expensive nut.

Cashew processing is dangerous.

Another factor that gives cashew a high price is its processing risks. One thing to note about cashews is that they are protected with a shell containing toxic elements. In particular, it contains anacardic acid, which is the same acid found in poison ivy.

When workers aren’t careful, they can suffer when their skin gets exposed to the oil. Another risk is when these toxins get released into the air.

Once the workers deal with the toxins, it will still take some effort to grade and sort each cashew.

In short, the entire process of making cashews consumable is quite intensive and hazardous. As such, they put an extra cost on it to compensate for the workers’ efforts. 

The extra costs are usually for the workers and provide them with the necessary protective gear against the toxins.

There’s an increase in demand.

The last reason for the high price of cashews is increased demand. In the last few years, there’s been a sudden increase in demand for cashews, and it’s made worse by a reduction of supply due to poor crop season. 

With a limited supply of cashews and a high demand for such, the price of cashews gradually increased over time. 

The growth trend continues for the market, and many think that the demand will continue to increase up to the present time and towards the next several years.

Since cashews offer various health benefits, it’s no wonder why they have become more popular over the years. When we consider that these health benefits are achievable by eating a nut snack, it will increase the demand for such.

How much do cashews cost?

In general, cashews cost around $11 to $13 per pound. However, it will still depend on how many cashews you’ll buy. Here’s an estimated price for cashews:

  • One bag of cashews – $12.6 per pound
  • Two bags of cashews – $12.3 per pound
  • Three or more bags of cashews – $11.6 per pound

You get to save more money when buying in bulks rather than at retail. However, if you only need a small amount, you can always opt for retail prices.

Are cashews worth the money?

Yes, cashews are worth the money, and it’s because of their value. Since making cashews safe for consumption is hazardous, it becomes valuable along with the health benefits that it offers.

Since processing cashews need skills and expensive protective gear against toxins, it’s already good value for money. If you need a healthy nut snack, you can always buy cashews and know it’s worth the money.

Cashews are so popular because of their nutritional value and health benefits. Many studies recommend the consumption of cashews since it promotes an array of health benefits such as lowering harmful cholesterol, developing a better immune system, and strengthening muscles and nerves.

Since cashews are enjoyed mainly as snacks, it’s not surprising to see cashews gaining popularity among many people who want to snack on something healthy.

Is cashew more expensive than an almond?

No, cashew is not more expensive than an almond. However, if you compare the two, you’ll see cashews are more affordable than almonds. You can save a couple of dollars for every pound of cashews more than a pound of almonds.


In a nutshell, several factors contribute to the high price of cashews. For instance, cashews are expensive because they are imported. Furthermore, cashew nuts are dangerous to manufacture and process. Last but not least, the demand for these nuts has increased over the years. 

Compared to other nuts, cashews are still relatively affordable even though they have many factors that make them expensive. Cashews are expensive for a reason you should understand if you want to stay within your budget. We hope this article helped you understand why the value of cashews is high.

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