Coriander pesto carrot salad

Coriander pesto carrot salad

That’s a quite long title. But it’s not complicated to make at all. This salad is just a reflect of summer in the freshness of it and the mix of flavours. When you make a salad at pretty much every meal, you need a change sometimes. We tend, at least I tend to associate pesto…

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Tasty tofu and onions

Tasty tofu and onions

Last night, while I was in bed, I started thinking about supper for the next day wondering what to make. I thought about this tofu package and thinking that I  haven’t had it in a while, there was my supper! But the question was, how can I make it different. I used to make the…

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Kale and Basil pesto

Kale and basil pesto

I know I feel like I repeat myself, but tonight I had to make something quick, and what is quicker than raw. I also know I made a Kale pesto a few months ago, but the difference was that I didn’t have any basil available. So I had to make a quick supper tonight because…

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Chocolate and espresso cookies

Gluten free chocolate and espresso cookies

Like a lot of people, I’ve been enjoying the heat of the summer for the past few week. Cooking a bit but not much, gardening and just relax. That’s why I haven’t been writing much, but I still have ideas in my mind. Slowly but surely getting back in my routine and thinking of our…

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Crispy vegetables salad

Crispy vegetables salad

Sometimes it get so hot that the only thing you really feel like making and having, is a salad. Today I had family over and I made a refreshing and crispy salad. I used lemon instead of vinegar to add flavour. In this recipe I give a certain amount for the ingredient, but it is…

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Chewy dates granola bars

Chewy dates granola bars

It was one of those night I could not fall asleep because I had so many ideas of recipes. I was trying to find way to make granola bars and change the type of sugar  I usually put in them. I either put maple syrup, agave syrup or sometimes honey that I decide to add…

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Gluten free chocolate and nut bars

Gluten free chocolate and nut bars

Last week I made this recipe but as muffin. I found the taste was good but too dense to make little cakes. I just thought that if it was thiner, it would be perfect. I decided then to try to make bars, and the texture is just perfect now. Since I haven’t made any in…

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