How to Make Vodka Gummy Bears Not Slimy? (Explained!)

Vodka Gummy Bears are popular treats at parties. These gummy bears, also known as drunken ones, are filled with the same rich gummy flavor but infused with a hint of alcohol from the vodka. However, one thing to note is that these gummy bears can get a bit slimy. Thus, you may ask:

How to make vodka gummy bears not slimy? In general, gummy vodka bears will turn out slimy since you’ll dip them in vodka for several hours or even days. Thus, the best thing you can do with the slimy effect is let them dry once you take it out of the vodka. A couple of hours of drying should be enough to do the trick.

Most people don’t mind the slimy property of vodka gummy bears. Thus, they serve these vodka gummy bears with toothpicks, sticks, or forks. However, if you want to serve dry gummy bears that are not slimy, you should read further.

This article will explain why vodka gummies are slimy and how you can deal with them to lessen that sliminess. This way, you can adjust your preparation and make sure you get vodka gummies that you can pick up with your fingers without being slimy.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Why are my vodka gummies slimy?

In general, vodka gummies can get slimy because of two main reasons. First, you dip it in vodka and leave it out to sit in a warm place. If such is the case, you’ll melt your gummy bears or have a slimy gummy.

Another thing is that you left it sitting in the vodka for too long that it absorbed too much alcohol and caused it to become slimy.

To avoid such cases, you should prepare your vodka gummies in an excellent place to prevent them from melting. You’ll also want to keep it at a cool temperature at all times to dry out after dipping in the vodka.

How do you make vodka gummy bears less slimy?

The best way to make vodka gummy bears less slimy is to prepare them at a cool place and keep them at a cool place all the time.

For instance, you shouldn’t put the gummies out under direct heat or direct light because they’ll melt when they’re still absorbing vodka.

Also, you’ll need to take the gummy bears out after a couple of hours to a day. After you do so, you should let it dry with spaces apart. This way, you prevent the gummies from sticking into each other. 

As they dry, you’ll have a less slimy vodka gummy bear. With such gummies, you can pick them out with your fingers, and they won’t end up with slime on your hand.

Are slimy vodka gummy bears safe to eat?

Yes, slimy vodka gummy bears are safe to eat. So if you prepared some vodka gummy bears and end up with slimy ones, don’t worry about serving them because they are still safe to eat.

One thing you can do is to serve them with a spoon so your guests can enjoy them by scooping the gummy bears out. You can also serve it with toothpicks, forks, or sticks, mainly anything to pick up the gummies without using bear hands.

If you see some gummies sticking with one another, you can nudge them with a spoon. Since they are slimy, they’ll quickly fall apart.

In short, slimy vodka gummy bears are safe to eat, and you can still enjoy them despite the slimy texture. Thus, you don’t have to throw them away because they’re slimy. You can still enjoy them in other methods.

Do you refrigerate vodka-soaked gummy bears?

Some people refrigerate vodka-soaked gummy bears while others do not. This method works, but it also comes with several downsides.

For instance, if you put your vodka-soaked gummy bears in the fridge, the shallow temperature will quickly solidify the gummies. However, they’ll attract moisture and get slimy once you take them out.

If you don’t put your vodka-soaked gummy in the fridge, you can let the gummies dry and attract less moisture since they won’t be as cold. However, it can take some time for them to dry.

My recommendation will depend on the temperature you have. If your home has a warm temperature, it can melt the vodka-soaked gummy bears, and you’ll end up with a slimy one. If such is the case, you’ll do your best to let them sit in the fridge.

On the other hand, if your home has a cold temperature, you can let them sit and dry at room temperature. This way, your gummies won’t be as cold and won’t attract moist that can make them slimy.


Since you will dip it in vodka for several hours or even days, vodka gummy bears will be slimy. The best way to avoid the slimy effect is to let them dry once they have been removed from the vodka. Allowing them to dry for a few hours should do the trick.

Gummy bears with vodka taste slimy, but most people don’t mind that. Thus, the vodka gummy bears are usually served with toothpicks, sticks, or forks. We hope this information helps you as you prepare your vodka-soaked gummy bears.



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