Do Cheerios Make You Poop and Cause Diarrhea? (Explained!)

Cheerios is a popular cereal enjoyed by many people. Whenever people want something sweet and crunchy like this, it makes an excellent treat. Now, if you notice some changes in your digestion while eating cheerios, you may wonder if it’s alright or if it’s something you need to worry about. So, you may ask:

Do Cheerios make you poop and cause diarrhea? Yes, Cheerios make you poop and cause diarrhea. The insoluble fiber in this cereal helps provide the body with stool and relieve constipation. While this may help if you’re having problems with pooping, it can also cause diarrhea when excessively consumed.

Cheerios is a typical breakfast cereal enjoyed by many people. Thus, it is no wonder that many consumers eat such food. However, if it starts making you poop, you should understand what this cereal does to the body. This way, you can prevent further problems and stay safe as you enjoy eating this cereal.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all the things you need to know about Cheerios and what it does to the body. This way, you can understand what it means and how to deal with it if it ever happens to you.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Do Cheerios make you poop?

Yes, Cheerios make you poop. Due to the high amount of insoluble fiber, they are easy to digest. Additionally, they contain nutrients that aid the body in eliminating waste. As a result, the body controls its bowel movements and stool volume. Therefore, those who have trouble pooping can benefit from eating Cheerios.

Do Cheerios cause diarrhea?

Yes, Cheerios causes diarrhea. Even though they provide insoluble fiber, they can still cause diarrhea in some people. In addition to providing insoluble fiber, they also contain nutrients that aid in digestion. As a result, excessive consumption of these cereals can also lead to diarrhea. Therefore, Cheerios should only be consumed in moderation when you have diarrhea. 

Is it normal when Cheerios makes you poop?

Yes, it’s normal when Cheerios make you poop. This cereal contains insoluble fiber that stimulates bowel movements and helps you go to the bathroom. Cheerios do not negatively affect our digestive system so you can eat them in moderate quantities.

Is it normal when Cheerios gives you diarrhea?

Yes, it is normal when Cheerios give you diarrhea. Cheerios can help regulate bowel movements, but they are high in insoluble fiber, which can cause diarrhea. As a result, eating Cheerios may make you experience diarrhea caused by other things.

Why do Cheerios make you poop?

Cheerios make you poop because of their insoluble fiber. As a dietary component for regulating bowel movements, insoluble fiber is the most effective. Other nutrients that are consumed for digestion also have the same effect. For example, they can promote bowel movements and eliminate constipation.

Why do Cheerios give me diarrhea?

Cheerios contain insoluble fiber, which can cause diarrhea. However, small amounts of Cheerios will not cause diarrhea as they do not contain any harmful bacteria. In addition, due to their insoluble fiber, Cheerios contain nutrients that help ease digestion issues.

What to do if Cheerios makes you poop?

As long as you are not constipated, you should not eat Cheerios if it makes you poop. These cereals are loaded with insoluble fiber, which helps control your bowel movements. If you are having trouble pooping, this might help. However, if your bowel movements are excessive, you should refrain from eating Cheerios until you feel better.

What to do if Cheerios gives you diarrhea?

Cheerios cause diarrhea, so stop eating them to avoid absorption of other insoluble fiber. In addition, Cheerios’ high insoluble fiber content can also cause diarrhea when consumed in excess. Therefore, you should avoid consuming such foods while experiencing diarrhea since they can cause it.

How fast do Cheerios make you poop?

Cheerios will only take you a few hours to make you poop. After that, your digestive system will benefit from insoluble fiber, so you should poop more frequently. Moderation is key to avoiding any further health complications.

Do Cheerios help with constipation?

Yes, Cheerios help with constipation. Constipation is eased by their insoluble fiber content, which usually allows bowel movements to occur. Cheerios also contain other nutrients that promote bowel movements, so you poop more efficiently and get electrolytes.

Do Cheerios make your poop smell?

No, Cheerios don’t make your poop smell. You will not produce foul-smelling poop when you eat Cheerios because Cheerios don’t have a strong smell. Consequently, you can eat Cheerios without having to worry about harming yourself.

Do Cheerios make you fart?

No, Cheerios does not make you fart. While Cheerios can make you poop and cause diarrhea, they won’t give you gas that will make you fart. In short, you don’t have to worry about farting after eating Cheerios. As long as you don’t eat too many Cheerios, you won’t have to worry about farting.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Cheerios. You can look below and see if any of these questions are also your concern.

Do Cheerios change stool color?

No, Cheerios do not change stool color. Cheerios come in a light yellow color. As such, it won’t affect the color of your stool nor leave any hues on it. However, when you eat too many Cheerios and start causing diarrhea, it can also make your stool lighter or darker in color, depending on the other food you eat.

Do lots of Cheerios make you poop more?

Yes, lots of Cheerios make you poop more. This is because Cheerios contain high amounts of insoluble fiber. Thus, you should poop more if you eat too much of this cereal. While it’s a tasty snack to eat when you have trouble pooping, it’s something to avoid if you have diarrhea.

Is Cheerios a natural laxative?

No, Cheerios is not a natural laxative, and you shouldn’t treat it as such. Cheerios may help relieve constipation, but you shouldn’t eat them if you’re having trouble pooping. If you have constipation, you should consume other natural laxatives such as cereals. In addition, this cereal contains sugar, which means it’s not a healthy thing to eat all the time.

Do Cheerios cause bowel movements?

Yes, Cheerios cause bowel movements. Cheerios contain high amounts of insoluble fiber that can cause bowel movements by solidifying the stool and regulating the movement in your digestive system. It’s also something to consider when you’re having constipation since it can make you poop. 


Cheerios make you poop and cause diarrhea. There is a high amount of insoluble fiber in this cereal, which helps ease constipation and provides the body with stools. While this may help you if you’re having trouble pooping, it may also cause diarrhea if consumed excessively.

Cereals such as Cheerios are popular breakfast cereals. That’s why consumers often consume them. However, it is critical to understand what this cereal does to the body if it makes you poop. By doing so, you can prevent further problems from occurring and stay safe while enjoying this cereal.

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