Why Are Wings So Expensive? (Top 4 Reasons Explained)

In recent years, the popularity of chicken wings has increased, and many people started cooking in different flavors and varieties. While some people cook it at home, others find the best wings in many restaurants that also emerged. However, one thing you may notice is how they became so expensive. Thus, you may ask:

Why are wings so expensive? Wings are so expensive because there’s a high demand for such due to their popularity. This demand pressures the supply chain to give more. Thus, when combined with other problems, the price increased and became expensive. In short, there’s no shortage of wings, and the price is due to popularity.

In general, chicken wings are not that expensive. However, there’s a significant increase in price due to its popularity. With that being said, understanding how it happens will give you an idea of why it’s happening and know if it’s worth the price.

This article will tackle the things you need to know about chicken wings, particularly their pricing. This way, you can learn why it happens and if it’s reasonable to enjoy wings at a high price.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Are wings expensive?

Yes, wings are expensive, and the main reason for this is their popularity and high demand. Another reason is that there are only two wings in chicken, and you’ll need more of them since the chicken wings are small and full of bones. For this reason, it can get quite expensive, especially now that they gained popularity and are demanded by man consumers.

Why are wings so expensive?

Wings are so expensive because of several reasons. Here are some of the common reasons why it happens:

While wings were not a staple ten years earlier, they have been high in demand and are among the most popular foods we enjoy nowadays.

It’s best paired with beer or even as a snack while watching a game. Another thing is that the wings come in various flavors that make us enjoy them more.

For this reason, the popularity results in high demand, especially with the number of establishments growing that caters to chicken wings. 

While there is no shortage in demand, the supply chain gets pressured, resulting in a price increase, with the wings ending up quite expensive.

Chickens only have two wings.

Wings are only one of the many parts of a chicken, and while the demand for chicken wings is high, the other parts remain the same. 

Since you’ll only get two wings for every chicken, the high demand makes it more expensive since supply chains need more chickens to supply wings.

For this reason, the supply chains need to compensate for such by giving a higher price to wings so they won’t lose profit because they get more of the other parts that are not high in demand.

The costs of preparations are high.

The preparation of chicken wings isn’t as easy and affordable as many would think. For restaurants, they need to prepare chicken wings as fast as they can, and while the wings cook quicker, they need to infuse flavors through marination and make the sauces.

In short, many ingredients go into making chicken wings, and apart from the chicken wings themselves, restaurants and food chains need to consider the costs of serving this food.

Another thing is that wings are best served when hot and freshly cooked. So, in short, the staff needs to do quite a bunch of work ahead of time, and it’s especially true when they receive orders in bulk. 

Customers consume a lot of wings at a time.

A chicken wing is so tiny that a single piece means nothing. As a result, most customers can eat at least seven or eight wings in one sitting. In some cases, some people will eat even more. 

This is because chicken wings consist of more bones than the meat itself. Thus, no one gets full or satisfied eating only a piece or two of wings. 

Since you’ll get to order so many chicken wings, you can end up paying for more, which makes wings more expensive.

How much do wings cost?

The cost of chicken wings depends entirely on the restaurant that serves such. If you estimate such, an order that consists of ten pieces of chicken wings can cost around $8 to $10. 

You can find lesser prices when you buy bigger bundles of chicken wings. For instance, getting 15 pieces of chicken wings will only cost you two to three dollars more. 

Still, some chicken wings are served with different kinds of sauces and flavors, and it all adds up to the high price of chicken.

Is there really a wing shortage?

No, there is no wing shortage, especially in the US. Since wings are a popular staple in the country, it’s an already established business ever since, and they can supply the need for wings. However, the increased demand pressures the supply chain to produce more, and it’s the factor that increases the price of chicken wings.

When will chicken wing prices go down?

Chicken wing prices will eventually go down as soon as the popularity ceases and a new staple emerges. For instance, if another chicken dish that doesn’t use wings becomes more popular, it can lower demand for wings, and the price will eventually go down. However, it’s not something that will likely happen soon.

Are chicken wings expensive all over the world?

Yes, chicken wings are expensive all over the world, but they are most expensive in the United States because of their growing popularity and demand.

In the United States is where chicken wings are prominent and a staple. Thus, it’s no wonder why you can find chicken wings more expensive in the US than in the rest of the world. 

Are wings worth the money?

Yes, chicken wings are worth the money, especially if you enjoy eating such. While the increase in price in the past year or two, it’s still not the most expensive meal you can enjoy.

If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, you can always prepare your wings at home. Or, you can also consider using other chicken parts since they can be a bit more affordable. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about chicken wings and their costs. You can look below and see if it answers any of your concerns. 

Why are chicken wings so expensive?

Chicken wings are so expensive because of their growing popularity and demand. Since you only get two wings with one chicken, it will take a lot of chicken to give the consumers the demand needed. Thus, they tend to become more expensive after they grow in popularity.

Why are red wings so expensive?

Red wings are so expensive because of the sauces that come with them. In general, red wings come with sauces either as a dip or a coating. While they don’t cost much, some sauces are rare, and some are expensive. Thus, red wings can get so expensive because of the extra cost of sauces.

Why are buffalo wings so expensive?

Buffalo wings are so expensive because of the flavors that come with them. Another thing is that it’s the most popular style of chicken wings. This flavor is one of the starting flavors and more of a traditional and original one. Thus, they tend to be the priciest on the list.

Why are Hooters wings so expensive?

Hooters’ wings are so expensive due to the markup price in that restaurant. Besides the price of the actual chicken wings, the restaurant adds a bit more to the cost because they are popular.

Why are Pizza Hut wings so expensive?

Pizza Hut wings are so expensive because they add up to the cost of preparation and service charges. 

You will pay less if you buy your wings and cook them at home. However, eating wings at Pizza Hut will also cost their staff’s effort, preparation, and the costs of utensils, and all the other things you need. Thus, the overall service charge adds up to the cost of wings.


In a nutshell, wings are so expensive because there is a high demand for them due to their popularity. Supply chains are under pressure to meet this demand. When this is combined with other problems, the price goes up. Wings are not in short supply, and the price is due to popularity.

Chicken wings are generally not that expensive. However, its popularity has led to a significant increase in price. In that case, understanding how it happens will give you insight into why it’s happening and whether the cost is worth it.

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