Why Are Macarons So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons Explained)

Macarons are well-known in France, but they are also growing in popularity in the United States. Whether you’re in a five-star restaurant or a hipster bakery, macarons are expensive no matter where you go. It may seem odd to some consumers that such a simple pastry is so expensive. So, you may ask:

Why are macarons so expensive? Macarons are so expensive because the ingredients needed to make macarons are costly, and the process of creating them is also complex. Also, macarons’ growing popularity and health benefits make them more pricey. In some cases, expensive packaging adds to the price as well.

While macarons seem simple to make, they take lots of expensive resources and time. Thus, they end up with a higher price due to their value. If you’re wondering whether macarons are worth buying, this article is for you.

Here, we’ll give you the top five reasons macarons are so expensive and let you know if it’s worth buying for you as we move forward. This way, you can learn for yourself if it’s wise to buy macarons or if it’s not.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Are macarons expensive?

Yes, macarons are expensive. Compared to other sweet treats, macarons are more expensive since they are made with expensive ingredients and require time and expertise. 

Besides these two factors, macarons’ popularity, health benefits, and packaging add to the high price. Thus, you can always notice that macarons are way pricier than other baked goods.

Why are macarons so expensive?

Below are the top five reasons why macarons are so expensive. You can look below to learn why this pastry has a high value and price.

The ingredients needed are expensive.

The main reason macarons are expensive is their ingredients. Unlike traditional desserts, they don’t just contain flour and sugar. 

To make macarons, you need several different ingredients. The list can be longer if you want to make something other than the standard macarons.

Macarons have the advantage that you can create them with almost any kind of flavor and texture. Buying more ingredients is the only drawback, however.

Macarons are challenging to make.

The reason macarons are so expensive is because they are not easy to make. Making macarons takes a lot of time.

Drying the eggs out for several days is necessary. Then, sifting the almond flour is necessary. Then, you have to prepare the filling.

Even after baking, bakers need to wait at least a half-hour for everything to settle before putting them into the oven. Baking is a science in general, and you need to know the baking time and measurements. Forgetting even one step can ruin a baked good.

In the case of macarons, this is especially true. They are one of the more complicated desserts to make. For that reason, they should be made by only experienced bakers.

It is easy to mismeasure something or get impatient and finish it too soon. Making macarons takes several days, so their price is naturally higher.

It takes more time for the baker to make them than other baked goods. Because of this, they are not able to work on other products.

To compensate for the lack of profit, bakers need to adjust the price of their macarons. Therefore, if a restaurant hires a baker or chef who can make macarons, they will also pay them a higher salary.

Macarons are growing in popularity.

Since macarons are a trendy dessert, they are also expensive. Though they have always been popular in France and Italy, they have only recently become a craze in the United States.

In Italy and France, tourists from the United States discovered them and wanted to continue enjoying them at home. 

The bakers took advantage of the opportunity and honed their skills to meet the demand. In addition to being delicious, macarons also have a cute appearance that appeals to many Americans.

Macarons are healthier than other desserts.

Macarons’ gluten-free nature might be one of the reasons why they’re so popular. In addition to their almond flour content, they are also suitable for those who are health-conscious.

Even though the macarons are not entirely vegan due to the egg whites, there are a lot of plant-based aspects to them. As a result, some vegetarians may be drawn to some vegetarians.

Additionally, they can be made healthier. You can make macarons vegan by switching to an entirely plant-based diet. Since the filling contains fruits, it becomes a healthier option since they contain vitamins and nutrients. a

The gluten-free nature of this product also makes it appealing to those with gluten sensitivities. This dessert is one of the few gluten-free baked goods available.

However, macarons do not contain much sugar compared to other baked desserts.

As a result, it appeals to many people who wish to eat delicious desserts without worrying about their health.

They are in high demand since they appeal to both mass and health-conscious markets. However, as the supply of macarons is challenging to maintain, the price goes up.


Packaging is essential when it comes to macarons. Macaron bakers know that their macarons are appealing because of their beautiful color.

Part of the decadence of the experience is lost if they arrive in a standard cardboard box. Bakers seeking to grow their brand spent a lot of time thinking about the packaging of their macarons.

Packages not only need to keep the macarons safe, but they also need to look as decadent as the macarons themselves.

On the packages, you can expect to see their brand name. The macarons will likely be protected and kept fresh with some form of paper.

To increase the colors of their macarons, they may add a stunning color. A large part of that is due to bakers’ understanding of photogenic macarons.

By making their packaging as photogenic as possible, their macarons will be more likely to be photographed while still in the packaging.

Thus, their brand gets free advertising, and that’s good for business. However, the packaging costs more, resulting in a higher price for the macarons.

How much do macarons cost?

The price of macarons depends on their size, where they are sold, and the baker, bakery, or shop that makes them.

Prices for macarons that are 1.5 inches in diameter usually range from $1.50 to $3. However, they can be more expensive when buying luxury and known brands.

Are macarons worth the money?

Yes, macarons are worth the money, especially when you enjoy eating them. However, making macarons is a very complex process, which is why they are so expensive. 

Exact measurements are required, as are precise techniques. However, due to their high value and the resources spent to make them, every macaron is worth buying and enjoying.

Macarons are so popular because of their appearance, which appeals to many consumers. Macarons, a lumpy coconut-based cake cousin of macaroons, are airier, daintier, and fancier than cupcakes. They are ethereal, lofty, and beautiful. Even though they require a high level of maintenance, they managed to make it part of their allure.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about macarons and their high price. In addition, some answers below should address your concerns.

Why are Laduree macarons so expensive?

Laduree macarons are so expensive because of their brand and marketing. In short, this company offers macarons as designer desserts. 

Thus, you can see Ladurée advertising in magazines such as Vogue and Elle, alongside designer dresses, jewelry, and handbags. 

Nevertheless, that kind of advertising space is expensive, contributing to the high price of macarons.

Why are macaron cookies so expensive?

Since macaron cookies require high-quality ingredients, time, and expertise, they are more expensive than other sweet treats. In addition, macaron cookies are made from almond flour and egg whites. Almond flour is significantly more expensive compared to other flour.

Why is pink macaron so expensive?

A pink macaron is so expensive due to its popularity and the ingredients used to make it. A lot of ingredients have to be purchased. You must purchase the ingredients at the store’s marked-up price. Because pink macarons use high-quality ingredients, they are expensive from the beginning.


In a nutshell, macarons are so costly because the ingredients are expensive, and making them is challenging. Additionally, macarons are becoming increasingly popular and more expensive due to their health benefits. Expensive packaging, in some cases, also contributes to the price.

Even though macarons look so simple, they require many costly resources and time to make. Thus, they can charge a higher price because of their value. We hope this article helped you understand the actual value of macarons.



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