Quesadilla vs. Burrito: What Is the Difference?

Quesadillas and burritos are everyday Mexican staples that many people love and enjoy. However, it can be confusing most of the time because they share many similarities. So, if you’re one of the people who get confused and interchanges the two, you may wonder:

What is the difference between a quesadilla and a burrito? The critical difference between burrito and quesadilla is their shape and size. A burrito has a cylindrical-shaped tortilla sheet wrapped around a filling. On the other hand, a quesadilla has the shape of a full circle or half-moon made of a tortilla bursting with filling inside.

Both burrito and quesadilla are Mexican cuisines made using flour tortillas and fillings. The fillings of the dishes have slight changes from each other when comparing the ingredients of the mixture. 

In this article, you’ll read an in-depth comparison between quesadillas and burritos. This way, you can understand how each one is different from the other and know these dishes better.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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What is a quesadilla?

Mexican quesadillas are made from a tortilla filled mostly with cheese and proteins, chilies, and other toppings and then grilled. Corn tortillas are traditionally used. While you can also use flour tortillas, they are less common.

Two tortillas are layered with cheese and sandwiched together to form a quesadilla. A half-moon is formed when a tortilla is filled with cheese and rolled up like a half-moon.

Shortly put, quesadillas are tortillas stuffed with cheese. But, of course, a quesadilla can be filled with almost anything except cheese.

What is a burrito?

Mexican cuisine burritos are made with a tortilla sheet and a filling. Inside the tortilla is the filling, and the wrapper is the tortilla. Tortillas are thin wheat-flour roti.

You may use meats such as chicken, beef, hog, and mutton in burrito filling, as well as vegetables like beans and peas. Besides using cooked rice for the filler, sour cream is also applied after the rice is cooked.

A savory flavor is achieved by combining the ingredients with hot sauces and spices. To enhance the flavor, some people sprinkle cheese on the mixture before wrapping.

What is the difference between quesadilla and burrito?

Quesadillas and burritos differ in several aspects. Thus, it would be best to look into each aspect and see how they differ. It will also help us understand each of these dishes better. In general, they differ in their wrap, filling, servings, and cheese.


Both burrito and quesadilla are Mexican dishes that are made using flour tortillas. The critical difference between burrito and quesadilla is that a burrito has the shape of a cylinder, while a quesadilla has the shape of a full circle or half-moon. 


Moreover, the burrito has a heavier filling than quesadilla since it has many ingredients, including meat and vegetables.


Another difference between burrito and quesadilla is that burrito can be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while quesadilla is served only as desserts and breakfast meals. 


Furthermore, a hefty portion of cheese is added to the filling of the quesadilla, although burritos contain cheese sprinkles to add flavor.

What ingredients do you use for cooking quesadillas?

When cooking quesadillas, you’ll need a tortilla, but it can be made of either corn or flour. The filling of the dish also includes several components, although the primary filling is cheese. Some quesadillas include spices, meats, and other fillings.

A quesadilla consists of heated tortillas filled with melted cheese. Besides cheese, you can put just about anything in a quesadilla. However, the main component of a quesadilla is the tortilla wrap and the cheese.

What ingredients do you use for cooking burritos?

When cooking burritos, you need a tortilla wrap usually made of flour. The filling of burritos is usually meat such as beef, pork, chicken, or mutton. Some fillings can also have vegetables such as beans and peas. The filling can also include rice and other stuff.

Lastly, a burrito gets a savory flavor from a mixture of sauces and spices. Some burritos also add cheese for an added flavor, but it’s completely optional.

Which is better, quesadilla or burrito?

Burritos and quesadillas both have their recipes, flavors, and tastes. The consumer’s preference will determine better since it is a relative answer. To sum it up, you should try both wraps and decide which you like best.

Quesadilla vs burrito – calories

The quesadilla has a higher calorie count than burritos when it comes to calories. For instance, a hundred grams of beef burrito has 238 calories, while the same amount of meat and cheese quesadilla contains 324 calories. 

In general, there are almost a hundred calories more from the quesadilla. But, of course, the difference will be much more significant with a higher amount of serving.


In a nutshell, a burrito contains a sheet of tortillas wrapped around a filling. On the other hand, a quesadilla is composed of a tortilla bursting with a filling inside.

Burritos and quesadillas are Mexican cuisines that use flour tortillas and contain fillings. However, they differ in their shapes, fillings, how they are served, and the amount of cheese they have.



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