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Legumes in the Spotlight: Healthy and Delicious

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Love them or hate them, it’s impossible to deny what a cheap and healthy addition legumes are for weekly menu. What health benefits do these beans, peas and lentils offer? They’re good for your heart as they can lower your blood cholesterol; and the fibers clean your blood vessels– they’re like little housekeepers for your body. And on top of that, beans are fairly inexpensive. You can easily make a complete meal for less than a dollar if you cook your own dry beans– which is better for the environment than the canned variety, since you’re not tossing out the metal can.

One tip to try: If you’re not fond of the texture of lentils, use you hand mixer or food processor to blend them until smooth. Even better, they’re quick and easy to cook!

Whether you’re whipping up a pot of slow-cooker white beans, folding chickpeas into a salad or blending black beans seamlessly into a batch of fudge brownies, you’ll love what legumes can do for your nutrition!

Crock-Pot White Beans


This is a great way to cook dry beans without having to keep a constant eye on the stove. Start them in the morning, and they’re ready when you return home!

Summer Quinoa Salad


Another really easy recipe ready in a few minutes. It contains proteins and veggies– a complete salad!

Chocolate Protein Bars


These delcious treats offer a punch of protein, thanks to the addition of a natural ingredient– adzuki beans (similar to red kidney beans)!

Decadent Black Bean Brownies


This recipe is grain-free and contains almost no added fat, just a tablespoon of coconut oil, which makes this recipe guilt-free! You can savor it with a clear conscience!

Chewy White Bean Cookies


These gluten-free cookies are so surprisingly tasty and so “Yum Yum”, as my daughter said, that it’s hard to believe this recipe contains a cup of beans.





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