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Food for thought…and for the stomach. It’s Earth day!

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Today I wanted to make a reflection on how we can protect our planet for the futur.

Do you know where your recycling ends up? Is it really recycled?

Do you know that your table waste that ends up in your local landfill doesn’t biodegrade? Instead, in contact of non-biodegradable items, it produces toxic liquid that ends up in the ground. It is also in part responsible for climate changes due to the release of toxic gases like methane and CO2.

The intensive animal farming. We realize now more and more that it can have a negative impact on the environment like the amount of water it take to grow them, and the amount of greenhouse gazes it produce.

What can we do?

Compost what is really not good anymore. If you have a yellowish kale for exemple, it is not a good reason to throw it out. Make a good healthy smoothie.

Energizing green smoothie

If you have a piece of cauliflower, a piece of half dry onion or any vegetable that you can’t use because there is not enough to feed your family, make a soup. If you don’t feel like eating that, wash them, cut them in pieces and store them in the freezer until you decide to cook them.

Empty fridge vegetable soup 

We can make some almond milk. Amazing when homemade. Nothing added. Just natural ingredients

Vanilla almond milk

With the almond pulp, make some delicious cookies.

Gluten free Almond butter cookies

Kale and strawberry salad 

What is more estival than a salad. I decided make one with kale because so many people are still afraid of that great veggie.

I recently came across baby kale. What a great way to tame this leaf.

We have to use our imagination and create with what we have in hand, and don’t forget…Buy local when you can!!!

Happy Earth day!

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