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Hungry? Try One of These 5 Healthy Gluten-Free Cookies!

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Having gluten-free food doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on food we like. In the afternoon, we sometimes like to snack on cookies while having a tea or a coffee! Wheat is not the only solution in baking. There are so many alternatives, and also many different tastes. You have to try and see what you like, then learn to work with it. It may not work out on your first attempt, but don’t give up.

Another thing I discovered while creating recipes is that I always have to add some starch. It helps to replace the gluten in the recipe by making the dough a bit lighter.

These are a few examples of gluten-free flours you can use.

  1. Brown rice flour
  2. White rice flour (I use it like a starch)
  3. Sorghum flour
  4. Amaranth flour
  5. Oat flour (most of the time I make it myself by putting it in the coffee grinder)
  6. Quinoa flour
  7. Potato starch
  8. Tapioca starch
  9. Corn starch (I use organic to make sure it’s non-GMO)

The key when you bake “gluten-free” is to make sure your batter is sticky and doesn’t look like a brick. If not, the baking powder or baking soda won’t be able to do its work to lift the dough, and once baked, it might be hard to bite into! My first recipe attempts were pretty much like that, so I wanted to share a bit of my experience with you.

Chewy white beans cookies 

These gluten free cookies are so tasty, and so “Yummy” like my daughter said, that it is hard to believe that it contains a cup of legumes!

They are also healthy and full of protein, you could  make them for breakfast too by replacing the chocolate chips by dried fruits, like raisins or goji berries, and reduce the sugar a bit if you want. It is a good base for a variety of cookies.

Enjoy with no guilt!

Gluten free oatmeal and quinoa cookies

Who doesn’t like oatmeal cookies?

Sometimes I compare my kids to “Cookie Monsters”. I have to use my imagination to have a variety of cookies so nobody gets bored of eating the same thing.

Here, I wanted to give a different little touch to it by adding quinoa puffs to add an interesting texture.

Gluten free sesame cookies

It’s a good afternoon snack with a coffee or a tea or it makes a nice light dessert, and I have to admit that I also love sesames!

It’s also a very healthy food as it contains 35% d.v. of calcium for 1/4 cup. That makes it even more interesting!

For kids, it’s something they can grab before they run out to meet some friends.

I am someone who likes to eat something different every day, so does my family. I guess I got then used to it!

Vegan chewy molasses cookies 

Molasses cookie is classified in what I like to call “comfort food”.

They are really soft and chewy, and gluten-free, that’s a great advantage for my daughter. As soon as they came out of the oven, the kids came around me to get a bite of them!

Gluten-free chocolate chips cookies 

I rarely use premixed all purpose gluten-free flours because I like making my own. It add variety to the taste even if the recipe stays pretty much the same.

This one is a combination of brown rice flour, white rice flour and potato starch. I wanted to make it simple. It was also to demonstrate that it is not that hard to bake gluten-free.

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