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In Need of Ideas for Passover? 10 Mouthwatering Recipes to Help

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Passover is close! Friends and family will start gathering in your home to celebrate this holiday. We have our traditional meal we serve in these moments, but this year, why not surprise them with something else?

Here I have 10 recipes that can help you to add some variety to your table.

Here I have 10 recipes that can help you to add some variety to your table.

Beets and hummus in layers

Sometimes during holidays or when you have guests over, you may be wondering what to make as an appetizer. Even more if you have friends or family that have food intolerance, have dietary restrictions or simply are vegan. This is a nice fancy appetizer you can serve that will only take you minutes to make! We like that!

Creamy cauliflower soup

This is a very easy soup to make and can even be frozen, so you can make as much as you want. As you will see, it doesn’t have too many ingredients, so there’s no reason not to make it! It is also very light, so you can still eat more food!

White roots soup

This is also a nice light soup you can serve. Just omit the white beans, so it’s not too filling, if that’s what you want. The soup pictured here is not white because I added turmeric and nutritional yeast (for B-12 vitamin).

Vegetarian tofu meatballs

When we think about eating tofu, we associate it most of the time with small cubes or slices. Made this way, it is a good alternative to meat. If you have guests or family that for any reason don’t eat meat, this is a good solution. Just replace the bread crumbs with matzo crumbs and egg replacer for a vegan alternative!

Chia chocolate pudding

If you’re like me, when there’s a lot of food, you want to eat a bit of everything. But in the end, you feel full before the dessert gets to the table. Just serving this light pudding with some fresh fruits will end your meal perfectly.


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