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Busy weekday mornings… 5 gluten-free muffins to go!!!

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So many reasons we may not take time to have a healthy breakfast. Making muffins the day before or make a whole bunch on a weekend and then freeze them, can save you headaches for at least that meal. Sometimes kids are also late for their school bus and don’t always take the time to eat properly, so this is a great thing they can grab on their way out!

You are late for work, this is better than picking up something in a fast food on your way! These are 5 muffin reci

Breakfast butternut squash muffins

I had cooked a whole butternut squash and rather than making a soup or a puree half of it (the other half was used to make my “Butternut squash cookies) I decided to make nice healthy breakfast muffins. 

Muffins are always good. Either for breakfast or for a nice snack, less fat and sugar than a danish which is great!

Triple quinoa and chocolate muffins

I wanted to fully use quinoa for this recipe. Since we will be in “Rhubarb season” in a few weeks , I just thought it would be great to combine these two ingredient to make a nice healthy breakfast. 

Now you can easily find quinoa under several forms. Grain, flour, flakes, puffed. Now here, I used three of these forms. I used flour, flakes and I had some pre-cooked grains.

My fruit salad muffins

The reason why I call it fruit salad, is just that it’s a fun name and it combines 3 fruits. Blueberries, bananas and orange juice. It is just because there are different fruits.

You can choose whatever fruit you want, depending on what you have in hand, or just what you feel like having!

Gluten free pumpkin muffins

You may probably still have in your freezer some pumpkin left from last fall, if not you can maybe buy some pre-cooked. The amount of that squash produced every year is unbelievable compared to the amount we use. We have to use it so we don’t waste our food. Integrating it in a muffin is a great way have it.

Gluten-free corn muffins

With a soup or a salad, it’s such a great substitute for bread. For breakfast, you can just add whatever you feel like just like you would on a slice of bread and the natural sweet taste you get from the corn is just amazing!


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