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Kale and strawberry salad

Kale and strawberry salad

Maybe it’s the first rays of sun that we haven’t had for the past week, but it starts to smell spring! Not very warm for a month of May, but…. :-) like I say “If spring doesn’t come to me, I go meet him!” And what is more estival than a salad. I decided to do it with kale because so many people are still afraid of that great veggie. I recently came across baby kale, sold pre washed. What a great way to tame this leaf.

Strawberries are still not in season for us, but I find it is a great combination with the kale.

A little tip to reduce the amount of dressing, you put in your salad. Let your salad absorb it for a few minutes before serving. We tend to put a lot more than we actually need.

Preparation: 10 minutes

Salad dressing:

  • 2 tbsp. (30ml) of olive oil
  • 1 tbsp. (15ml) of organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp. (5ml) of dijon mustard
  • 1/2 tsp. (2.5ml) of GF tamari sauce
  • 1/2 tsp. (2.5ml) of maple syrup
  • pepper


  • 3 cups (750ml) of organic baby kale
  • 1 cup (250ml) of organic sliced strawberries
  • 3 tbsp. (15ml) of organic hemp seeds
  1. In your salad bowl, whisk all the ingredients for the dressing until you get a smooth texture.
  2. Add in your kale, the strawberries and the hemp seeds. Toss it to mix it well and set aside for 5 minutes.

So flavourful!!!

Kale and strawberry salad

7 thoughts on “Kale and strawberry salad

    • I find it is very good to add fruits to a salad, and it helps kids do adopt lettuces that have a stronger taste, like arugula and apples is also a great combination! Have a nice day!


  1. This is one of my favorite summer salads. I’ve never tried it with kale before, but that sounds delicious! I’ve made this before with a homemade raspberry vinaigrette which is also quite good!


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