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Recipe list

Recipe list

I’ve been working on this recipe list I created for the past year for a couple of day now! :-)

It’s when you really look back at what’s been done that you fully realize the work that has been accomplished, and also the improvement that has been made. I wanted to create a list so everybody can have a quick glance at the recipes in different categories than the one on top.

I am sure that any food blogger will understand that behind every recipe, there is work. When you make food for your family, if it doesn’t look good, well, they survive. If my food doesn’t look good, well… it has to look good!!! :-)

So I hope you will enjoy looking back at those recipes I made in the past year, and there are a lot to come, that I can tell you! :-)


Butters and others



Pasta and pizzaGluten free Focaccia

Tofu and legumes


Cookies and bars

DessertRhubarb cake


4 thoughts on “Recipe list

  1. Your recipes amaze me and you have accomplished great things in a year! Here’s to many more healthy and yummy recipes to come!


  2. Wow, have you considered doing a cookbook? Your recipes are so well thought out, you have a great talent!
    (one I don’t share I might add)


    • Maybe one day but publisher want famous people, I’m just a mom who loves to cook! :-) Thank you so much for your encouragement! Have a nice weekend!


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